GMAT Testimonials


Sudarshana Singh

GMAT Score: 760

Jamboree has very experienced faculty for both verbal and quant, I'm really grateful to my faculties for helping me prepare for the GMAT. Their study material is extensive and enough to get a high score. The webinars and Prep tests after the classes were also a big help. So I will completely recommend Jamboree for GMAT prep. read more


GMAT Score: 760

Fantastic faculty, amazing infrastructure, overall a great experience. I would recommend Jamboree to students preparing for the GMAT. The comprehensive prep material along with the attentive faculty make for a very good learning experience. read more


GMAT Score: 760

I scored 760 in GMAT (V-41, Q-50 and IR-7) - all thanks to Jamboree. I have seen tremendous improvement in the way I approached the questions after attending the classes. The knowledge and experience of the faculty at Jamboree are so impeccable that virtually any doubt related to the exam or preparation for the exam will get solved. I have been able to not only improve my score but also improve my overall comprehension of any GMAT question. Even the way the faculty helped me approach my tests has helped me develop the required stamina and grit for the exam. It's been a great experience at Jamboree. read more

Radhika Arora

GMAT Score: 760

"Sometimes its not only the study resources, but the coaching and mentoring that makes all the difference. Coming to Jamboree gave me that morale boost and a defined action plan to work on. That's all I needed." read more


GMAT Score: 760

 "GMAT is all about perseverance. Its more about hard work than intelligence. Jamboree study material is like an ascending kind of program that gives you absorbing time and is more than enough to get a good score. It has a well balanced graded process which focuses on student strengths. Jamboree was my first choice for GMAT preparation." read more


GMAT Score: 760

I have no qualms in admitting that had it not been for Jamboree, I wouldn't have scored a 760 on my GMAT exam. The classroom teaching and structure, both for quant and verbal, was very effective and focused on only what is necessary to ace the exam. The study material provided was comprehensive enough to eliminate any need to look for more on online portals or other books on GMAT prep. The webinars were a great way to build on concepts and solve any doubts. Most importantly, the faculty at the NFC center was very helpful and just a phone call away, be it to solve doubts, to discuss performance in mocks or to make a custom plan for the last couple of weeks before the exam. Step-by-step guidance was provided which really helped me track and evaluate my performance. A wide variety of tests, mocks and practice questions are available at the center to further complement the preparation. Jamboree has cracked the code on how to perform well in the GMAT and its predefined preparation schedules are very effective. I have been getting a number of calls from friends who want to know how I did s read more


GMAT Score: 760

I am writing this testimonial for the Jamboree Coaching Centre, madhapur. I had already appreared for the GMAT once, securing a 700 score. Although, aware of Jamboree since my college days I had failed to make contact to nearest branch the first time and joined another institute. I had found the material and mocks of that coaching sub-standard and dissimilar to the real GMAT. So for my second attempt I visited both Jamboree and Manhatan review It was clear to me that I was going with Jamboree. I had reviews from friends who had taken GRE classes and was expecting high quality teaching. Fortunately this time round I was not disappointed. Both the classes and material provided were up-to the mark and resembled closely with the real GMAT. I can't stress enough the role of the "blue book" in helping to get acquainted with the difficult level of GMAT. I had been clear since day one that I wanted to break 750 this time and the faculty encouraged and supported me through-out. Both the Math and Verbal faculty, assured me that I could achieve my target scores and worked with me with that aim read more


GMAT Score: 760

I am grateful to Jamboree for guiding me in the right direction to achieve this score. I knew that with hard work it can be achieved but had no clue about how to prepare for the paper before joining Jamboree. They are aware of the system and do have a systematic approach to the paper. The qualified tutors and the sessions held by them were to the point and are more than enough. They were able to understand the concerns of the students and provide them with suitable solutions. The materials given to me by Jamboree were really helpful especially for the verbal section. Also I made good use of the lab which is equipped with the required tests. On the whole I had a very delightful experience at Jamboree. I have enrolled myself in their counselling program and am hopeful of getting into a good business school. read more


GMAT Score: 760

"I joined Jamboree about 2 months before my GMAT. I was a test series student and was aiming for a score of 730+ and joined Jamboree mainly to ensure that I do not slack off during my preparations. The faculty was very helpful and was willing to resolve my doubts despite my not being a classroom student. The best part was their vast knowledge and their ability to share it effectively with the students. I would like to thank the Jamboree team for helping me get a 760 in the GMAT. The Jamboree team exceeded my expectations and did a stellar job in mentoring me. Once again, a huge thank you !" read more


GMAT Score: 760

Jamboree helped me streamline my preparation for GMAT.The responsiveness and promptness was great by my faculties. read more

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