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GMAT Score: 710

I came over to Jamboree, Raja Garden, with my father one day apprehensive and unsure with very little knowledge of what GMAT was all about. Today, I am proud to say that I feel that not only have I cracked the GMAT, but I have also increased my horizon manifolds about GMAT, MBA and what I want with life in general. As I was working, I joined the weekend batch at Raja Garden and in the two and a half months of classroom coaching, my confidence grew with every day. Today scoring a 710 would not have been possible had it not been for the excellent facilities provided by Jamboree in the form of the plethora of books and the up to date test software installed on the machines. Practicing the GMAT CAT online at the institute in the final days of my preparation was a key to my success. The support provided by the faculty in analysing my practice test scores and helping me clear my doubts and pointing out my weaknesses before the D-Day. Thanks to Jamboree!!! read more


GMAT Score: 710

I have spent quite some time in jamboree for my preparation. It was almost like second home and I should say jamboree is one of the finest instituitions I have been part of. I had access to the finest faculty and the latest study material.Jamboree was almost like a family. Really enjoyed my time there.I shoud say .. I have had the the best preparation ever..JAMBOREE ROCKS!!! read more


GMAT Score: 710

Jamboree has a highly enthusiastic faculty and a very supportive staff. The institute gave me a much personalised coaching and helped me achieve a good score. The institute covers the subjects in depth and makes sure that the students achieve what they are there for. I would very genuinely recommend the institute to anyone who has set high targets for himself in life. read more


GMAT Score: 710

" Jamboree to me has been more than a coaching institute, for the 3 months of my rigorous prepration, Jamboree actually became like my family. One of the reason why I truly feel that Jamboree is best in the industry is the unique faculty. Their friendly appproach of teaching and their enthusiasm is what makes one feel at ease and strike a bond with them right from the first class.On one hand we have verbal faculty, who not only solves your verbal problems at any time of the day but also comes up with the best solutions to your problems in general, be it studies, work or anything for that matter, on the other hand is maths faculty whose "Line of Thought" inspired me so much that for the first time I dared to think beyond formulas and solve each question in math with Logic. And cant forget CAT faculty, who after a bad score was always there to tell me that .... it's okay next test will be fine ... this one is tough :-). Needless to say that it is the experience that Jamboree has in churning great scores in GMAT/GRE that makes them best in the industry, their content, their guidelines, read more


GMAT Score: 710

Just wanted to tell you that I gave my GMAT yesterday and I got 710 with a 40 in verbal!!!!! It would have been impossible to achieve this score without your guidance. Your classes gave me so much confidence. I was confident about verbal to such an extent that I was scared of the qaunts section before giving the GMAT whereas whoever I have come across has always been scared of the verbal section. Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance. 710 would have seemed an impossible feat without your classes. You are a great teacher. Thank you so much............. read more


GMAT Score: 710

I am happy to inform you that I have got a score of 710 in the GMAT. My sectional break ups are enclosed. I would like to thank you all for all the guidance, time, and effort that you have put in with me on this exercise. I could not have done this without you all. read more


GMAT Score: 710

"GMAT is a test of basic ability plus the application; Jamboree provides the ideal platform for working professionals to follow a track with a focused approach and with optimum effort to get the maximum output." read more


GMAT Score: 710

I would just like to add a few words from my side. The faculty at Jamboree is just excellent. They would guide you though the entire preparation process. Also, the study material provided is very useful. There is unlimited access to the computer lab where one take simulation tests in a examination-like environment. There is so much flexibility that you can access the lab as per your requirement & schedules. read more


GMAT Score: 710

....."The Best"..... read more


GMAT Score: 710

The Test Series was quite helpful and helped me prepare better for the GMAT. Couple of reasons why I liked test series: By scheduling classes/ doubt sessions on weekends, it gave time for me to study during the week and then get inputs on weekends. The teachers were quite knowledgeable, helpful and more then willing to extend support when required. The amount of practice tests available helped me provide exact environment and prepared me mentally for the exam. And above all, the teachers gave me a quick feedback on how my preparation was progressing helping me time my Test Date. read more

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