GMAT Testimonials


Arjun Khare

GMAT Score: 700

I would give at least 80% of the credit for my GMAT score to Jamboree. The study material and the tricks and methodology taught by teachers here are amazing. I improved my GMAT score from 630 to 700. Keep up the good work Jamboree.
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Animesh Mishra

GMAT Score: 700

I scored 700 in GMAT, and I credit this to jamboree Indore, the faculty are always there to support and help, the class environment is amazing and the doubt clearing sessions are game changing, the teacher are there to appreciate you on a good day and motivate you bad ones, they guided me through every concept and higher level questions with ease and I'm real thankful for that, the non teaching staff is also very supportive, and always make sure that we the students get every necessary facility. The library and computer lab are perfect for self study, infact in the last month of my preparation Jamboree was my second home. In totality I have huge amount of respect for this place and I'll be ever grateful for their contribution. read more

Soham Bhattacharya

GMAT Score: 700

The verbal faculty-Karan-was extremely helpful during my entire preparation period. I highly recommend all the GMAT takers who are struggling in verbal to connect with him! read more


GMAT Score: 700

My experience with Jamboree NFC was a strongly positive experience. From the beginning, the faculty helps you move forward to achieve your desired score. I never had any concern in arranging for doubt sessions with either of them. They are always willing to take out extra time and help you. The content Jamboree has designed is really helpful as the level of questions increases progressively, initially making you thorough with your basics and then going on to the difficult questions. I would gladly recommend Jamboree NFC to any of my friends who would like to pursue the GMAT. read more


GMAT Score: 700

Jamboree NFC has helped me in every possible way to achieve my goal. The staff here is focused not only on teaching the various important concepts used in GMAT but also on building the confidence that is equally important. A special thanks to faculty who helped me regain the confidence when I thought I wasn't made for GMAT and had almost given up. Jamboree gives you the fighting spirit you need to conquer the GMAT. In short, "Till the time you don't quit, they don't quit. read more


GMAT Score: 700

"I am humbled to be a part of Jamboree for 3 months. My background- Good at Maths and very weak in verbal (previous score of 20 in verbal in last GMAT), even tough i believed from my preparation that i was good at it. On registering for Jamboree this May and on attending Demo class, I was sure that i knew nothing. If not for her notes, tricks, and experience especially for cracking RC's, i would have not got a 35 now. I would like to thank faculty and the centre management team for this score. They were highly supportive during the preparation." read more


GMAT Score: 700

I would like to thank the Jamboree team for helping me achieve a GMAT score of 700. The teachers of both quant and verbal helped me to understand the basic concepts. The faculties taught us techniques to solve the most difficult of questions. Also, the material provided by Jamboree is one of the best that I have come across. All said and done, I am glad that I chose to join Jamboree than any other institution. read more


GMAT Score: 700

The quant faculty taught me in a very calm and composed manner, solved quant questions in class and tackled doubts. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the sessions was rather than getting us to mug the formulas the faculty showed us how these formulas are derived. This process made it easier for me to study.There was immense learning in the verbal sessions as well. A topic that was untouched so far is now very clear to me. I am sure it will help me in many places in future. It has already started helping me in writing official mails to clients. Right from first session I knew that these classes are going to be something special. The interest the faculty took in teaching was really motivating for me to keep practicing. read more


GMAT Score: 700

My experience with Jamboree has been great. The faculty and administrators are very knowledgeable and friendly. The faculty at Jamboree played a big role in my success with the GMAT. The study material and the method of teaching are excellent. Getting all the questions right in the GMAT is pretty easy, but only if you are not timed! Jamboree taught me tips and tricks that helped me manage time better. I would recommend Jamboree to any GMAT aspirant without a second thought. read more


GMAT Score: 700

The material is impressive.The level of math and verbal content is more than enough to get a really strong score on both sections of the GMAT. I got a 580 the last time I wrote the GMAT.My GMAT prep score before I joined the program was a 610. To be honest I underperformed a little on the day of my test. My prep scores two days before the test were 740 and 730.Anyway I hit '700' and am happy with the score.Probably got only a 44 in Math because I got 3 questions involving perm,prob etc.I firmly believe that a 47 is gettable for an average math student and I was consistently getting 45+.Probably the nerves got to me a bit on the day. Thanks again for all the help and support. read more

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