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GMAT Score: 750

I did my GMAT prep here. In 70 days from start(40 odd days of class and a month in self study plus testing) I got a score of 750. I thought before starting here that all the material available online is sufficient, but in reality you need expert guidance to build the skill and stamina, with the time constraints. Highly recommended! read more


GMAT Score: 750

The GMAT classes at Jamboree, Pune was simply amazing. The faculty focused on explaining the basic concepts which made it possible to apply these concepts even in the most complex problems. With 3-4 months of weekend classes, I was able to improve my score from 710 to 750. read more


GMAT Score: 750

I scored 750 over the last weekend. For this achievement, I cannot stress enough the importance of Jamboree Pune team. Indeed, the scoring required a consistent effort on my part; however I was properly directed at the institute. In addition, I received the online support that kept my momentum going. If you are targeting a 700+ score on the GMAT, I would strongly recommend a guided training and measured test preparation. It takes more than throwing a bunch of formula at the questions that flash on the screen. For a really good score on GMAT, you must become a smart test taker. Jamboree Pune team did it for me. read more


GMAT Score: 750

I had a great time studying in Jamboree for GMAT. The structured approach towards customized learning depending on my strengths and weaknesses was the reason for me being able to bridge the understanding gaps. The study materials are well designed and enough to help someone feel comfortable with all kinds of questions. read more


GMAT Score: 750

It is truly amazing to experience the downright sincerity and commitment of the team at Jamboree. Right from the student's inception, they set out a plan consistent with his or her goals and are dedicated to provide as much guidance and assistance as needed. I am profoundly indebted to Jamboree for giving me the personal attention they did and helping me overcome any obstacles in the process. I highly recommend students to avail of the opportunity to work with the exemplar team at Jamboree read more


GMAT Score: 750

I thank the Jamboree Team for its guidance and support during the preparation. Thank you all very very much from the core of my heart. I am very grateful to all of you for making my GMAT journey so wonderful. read more


GMAT Score: 750

I was a complete novice with regards to GMAT even as recent as January 2014. I had only heard of the exam but knew NOTHING about it at all. I have a pretty good foundation in English basics as well as maths. The maths faculty noticed this and said that I had potential and asked me to come from 5-8. Basically he sacrificed his own free time because he felt was worth it ! The administrative staff was very accommodating. I used to spend 4-5 hours on the saturdays as well as sundays during the last 5-6 weeks before my exam taking practice test. (most important part of preparation) All in all I am satisfied with my entire experience at Jamboree especially with the personal attention. read more


GMAT Score: 750

It gives me great pleasure to write about my relation with Jamboree. I joined Jamboree for GMAT classes. The managing staff and especially the tutors were very professional, serious, motivated and “motivating”. The materials provided at the centre were enough and one does not require any additional books or guides to get a good score. Also, I must give a special mention to the library – you can just sit there for hours and keep on studying and then move to the classes for doubt sessions with the tutors. About the tutors, My Verbal Faculty was of great help and really aided me in building up the momentum for verbal. He taught us some very useful tips and tricks to get through the verbal section, and this helped me finish my verbal section in just sixty minutes. He was also the first person to say “Ayush, I can foresee a 700+ on your score card”. And that line was super motivating. My quant tutor is, probably, the best person at Jamboree. He is patient, agile, friendly and helpful. He focused on laying down the concepts before teaching any topic. He sat with us for hours duri read more

Gopikrishna Panicker

GMAT Score: 740

My jump of 60 points from 680 to 740 was because of two components of the Jamboree training module - the online tests and the blue book. I realised after the first test that my reason for low score was the sentence correction questions - I went through the blue book especially the sentence correction questions in a 14-day time span. read more

Gautham Kailash

GMAT Score: 740

Scored a 740! (V42, Q48) in my Gmat. I undertook coaching from the Nungambakkam branch. The program is comprehensive and structured from Day 1 and is aided by concise and well-compiled material. The faculty offer more support than you’ll ever need through individual sessions and Webinars, apart from the regular classes. Some of the notable things that helped me were: Methods and tips on SC questions which save loads of time in Verbal (Faculty- Srivatsan), Approach to data sufficiency questions which helped overcome arguably the biggest roadblock in Quant (Faculty- JaiGanesh). I would definitely recommend this centre if you are looking to improve your approach to GMAT problems and optimize your strategy. read more

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