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GMAT Score: 740

I attended classes for GMAT here and scored a 740. I am very happy with the study structure and class schedule here. They are very flexible with respect to class timings and help you take classes as per your convenience. I managed work and classes without any problems. I was most impressed with the faculty. They are very dedicated and take proactive interest in your progress. They are available at all times to help you and solve doubts. I am very happy with the experience. read more


GMAT Score: 740

I would like to thank Jamboree for helping me achieve my target GMAT Score. I joined Jamboree because it was suggested to me as the best Institute for GMAT preparation. It is indeed, the best. read more


GMAT Score: 740

I would like to thank the faculties for their continuous guidance and support. Their guidance was extremely necessary and helpful. Jamboree administration was also extremely helpful. They made sure that there were slots available for me to give the tests and helped me plan my mock tests. Thank you Jamboree. read more


GMAT Score: 740

Hello Jamboree, I'm writing this mail with utmost contentment that I've achieved what I actually desired for. And kudos to team Jamboree for their incessant support and for acting as a beacon of light. The faculty at Jamboree is good in their area of expertise, so overall I'm pretty content with the quality of services rendered at Jamboree. Best of luck & keep up the good work. read more


GMAT Score: 740

I am grateful to Jamboree and its faculty for guiding me through the preparation phase and helping me achieve a score of 740. Your course content for both quantitative and verbal sections is extremely good and closely mirrors the level of questions you get in a tough GMAT exam. By virtue of having practiced, the high level problems, I was not overawed when the tough problems starting coming in the exam. You are doing a great work. Thanks and best of luck Jamboree in all your endeavours. read more


GMAT Score: 740

The teachers are highly knowledgeable. It was easy to arrange doubt clearing sessions with them. We got plenty of high quality material… in fact it was so much I wasn't even able to finish it all. The lab has all the prep tests available in the market and the library has a great collection of books. Maths faculty even ordered a book for us that's not available in India (Project GMAT). That was incredible! From what I know, no other test prep company provides this kind of support to its students. I had a 10 out of 10 experience with Jamboree. Highly recommend to anyone interested in GMAT prep. Of course the administration staff is great too, especially the counselor ;-) read more


GMAT Score: 740

" I'd like to thank my maths faculty for his unwavering commitment towards me which helped me to achieve my target score. I'd like to thank verbal faculty for patiently sitting through all of my stupid questions. I'd also like to thank Jamboree for grouping such a great team of GMAT experts together. I would strongly recommend Jamboree to anyone who is serious about a 700+. " read more

Gundeep Sachdeva

GMAT Score: 730

I will always be grateful to Jamboree’s faculty and staff for their constant support and cooperation. The faculty is extremely hardworking and despite their busy schedule, they find time to take your doubts. They are always willing to walk an extra mile to see you earn your dream score. I think that the study material and mock tests provided by Jamboree have questions that are pretty much in line with those in the real GMAT. I would recommend Jamboree to everyone who is serious about working hard for a good score. :)
read more

Nishchay Singh

GMAT Score: 730

I've just completed my GMAT exam and scored a 730. Jamboree has been instrumental in the process with amazing faculty, quality post class webinars and great support with mock exams in the center. It took me exactly 4 months to finish the entire process and the faculty were always there for doubt clearing sessions. I highly recommend Jamboree to all GMAT aspirants! read more

Nimisha A

GMAT Score: 730

I joined Jamboree, FC Road, Pune in 2018 June for GMAT. Before Joining Jamboree, I had attempted self-studying for GMAT. But the biggest challenge I faced was to maintain the pace and commitment towards studies. Joining Jamboree helped me by giving proper structure to my studies, classroom-learning benefits and mentor-ship of excellent faculty. It helped me in keeping the motivation high during the 4.5 months. Doubt sessions and post-class guidance were also quite helpful. In my very first attempt at GMAT, I scored a 95 percentile score. Overall I highly recommend Jamboree, especially if you are working and have a fixed time-line by when you wish to give GMAT. read more

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