GMAT Testimonials



GMAT Score: 730

Brilliant and dedicated faculty , Great staff and the material is very comprehensive . Helped me get this score in 1 month . read more


GMAT Score: 730

The USP of Jamboree is its commitment to deliver to the students. In GMAT, syllabus completion is only half the battle won. It is the conditioning required after testing yourself in mocks, which makes all the difference. An extremely student friendly and adept faculty, available at the beck and call of its students, is what made all the difference and my experience with Jamboree worth a while. read more


GMAT Score: 730

I had an extremely positive experience with Jamboree. I enrolled in the online GMAT prep course and could score 730 with the correct guidance, practice questions and course material. The videos explaining the concepts were crisp and easy to understand. Later, I also used this centre's help in drafting my essays and LoR for my target B schools. The response from my writer was swift and we could come with a compelling application in a short span of time which ultimately led me to crack my B-school admit. Thanks Jamboree for regularly following up with me throughout the application process and instilling confidence! Cheers :) read more


GMAT Score: 730

The USP of Jamboree's Adhchini center is the individual attention and expert guidance by the faculty. The faculty has complete experience on how the GMAT works and the staff always goes out of their way to help. I would personally recommend the classroom program for all aspirants. read more


GMAT Score: 730

Jamboree truly was instrumental in my road to success. The batch I was in was very competitive. The material they provide both the blue and red books along with the OG is sufficient enough to help you crack the exam. Blue book is amazing. The center  people were very helpful in everything be it providing slots for mock tests or any other info regarding classes. Also, Jamboree has all 3 exam packs which are accessible to all it's students. Both quant and verbal faculty was top notch. I would also like to thank to Jamboree for guiding me throughout the preparation, helping me speed up in the quants section and making Q50 a reality  read more


GMAT Score: 730

Thank you jamboree for helping me reach my target score of 730. My teachers had extended all their coordination and support to make this happen. read more


GMAT Score: 730

It turned out to be the perfect place for me to start my preparation. The sincerity and dedication of their amazing faculty completely won me over. The personal attention, critical feedback after every test & flexible access to faculty for doubt clearing sessions is exactly what I needed and what I found here at Jamboree. They even provided guidance and assistance in developing a customized preparation plan for me, specific to my academic level which was crucial to me. Apart from faculty, the administrative team too , was more than supporting , all along the process. I am grateful to Jamboree for my 730 and for the future I am going to make with it. My sincerest recommendation to all GMAT aspirants out there, is to go with Jamboree. I am sure it will be a great experience for you too !! read more


GMAT Score: 730

I approached Jamboree because I wanted the most experienced people in the field to guide me through my GMAT journey. Jamboree helped me in every way possible, providing extensive and at the same time relevant course material and extremely useful classes covering all the topics. read more


GMAT Score: 730

I believe for GMAT preparation, Jamboree India is one of the most apt places to start. The course & methodology adopted at Jamboree are very well structured. The faculty is rich in knowledge & has been extremely supportive all throughout the course. Furthermore, a plethora of practice tests coupled with doubt sessions with the faculty for analysis of each test provided me with an edge over my peers. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Jamboree team for my success & would like to recommend Jamboree for people planning to prepare for the GMAT. read more


GMAT Score: 730

My experience of GMAT classes at Jamboree has been par excellence. The faculty's extremely hands on and co-operative approach allowed me to trump the verbals and helped me achieve a satisfactory score. At the the middle of application storm, I still remember all the support and guidance I received at Jamboree not just from the faculty but also from all the support staff.This is my opportunity to thank you as well all others at Jamboree, for the help and co-operation you have extended in taking me closer to my goals. read more

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