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GMAT Score: 720

Jamboree's coaching is the best way to get a great GMAT score. I say this because of my personal experience with the hardworking people at Jamboree. They help us in the most important thing for GMAT i.e, time management. The entire credit of my GMAT score goes to the faculties who had taught me. The study material was really good and worth going through. It helped me to make my learning graph rise steeply. read more


GMAT Score: 720

I would like to thank Jamboree for the valuable guidance and quick response to most of my queries which helped me immensely in achieving my goal : ISB & IIMC Admit ( will be joining ISB) .From the day I thought of starting my preparation for GMAT, I knew Jamboree is the best place to join in Delhi . I enrolled myself for the test classes and after excelling in the GMAT with a score of 720, decided to take admission counseling .I am really happy for taking these decisions. I was able to consistently give mock tests, take help of faculties and improve my score significantly. Thanks once again and cheers to the team Jamboree !! read more


GMAT Score: 720

Getting a 720 on the GMAT was an incredible coup for me , one that would not have been possible without the expertise and meticulousness that have become the hallmarks of Jamboree over the past few years. I am highly grateful to the team of Jamboree @ Dehradun for the personal attention and relentless support that I have received in my quest for knowledge and success . Jamboree helped in my vision , ambition and desire to push out the GMAT barrier that was a huge roadblock in my path to a good B – school . I recommend Jamboree to one and all. read more


GMAT Score: 720

It was a huge sigh of relief when I saw that score of 720 on the screen. The IR, 7 was surprised me as I had practiced it for only a few hours, three of which came from Jamboree's classroom teaching. I enrolled in the fast track course in May and over the 5 course weeks, my teachers helped me polish my quantitative and verbal skills. The fast track course has helped me immensely and I am very thankful to the entire Jamboree team at Kolkata to have managed the program really well and in helping me. I must admit that I was a part of a very good classroom with good, hardworking students around. A good classroom environment is important in driving you forward. Having tendered my resignation from work, I was under immense pressure to perform in GMAT. Jamboree helped me step forward with confidence despite this. I will always be grateful to the entire team of staffs and students. Trust them and I am sure, it will empower many dreams to come. read more


GMAT Score: 720

My experience with Jamboree has been wonderful. The faculty has been quite helpful and pay very close attention to everyone's progress. The material provided is quite useful and more than adequate to see the journey through. The large number of mock tests that Jamboree provides really helps you get a feel for the real exam. I would advocate Jamboree to every GMAT aspirant. read more


GMAT Score: 720

Preparation for management test consisting of Mathematics and English.Sounded easy but was not so . It required disciplined and methodical preparation.As i started preparing for GMAT, I realised that one of the main challenges was the completion of the test within the specified time limit.To counter this problem, I started working on few tests and got to know my weak points which was responsible for more time consumption than the expected. Then i started working on my weak points .The O.G book and the study material from Jamboree were very helpful in this regard. One of the key ingredient to excel in GMAT is to generate interest for the subjects that were to be tested. As one goes through the various verbal sections, one realises that it is not just plain studying. The critical reasoning and the reading comprehensions topics covered develops analytical thinking and sentence correction improves the formation of sentences in the simple manner. So this reasoning approach makes the study of GMAT very interesting Also One needs to practice quite a good number of questions on critical reas read more


GMAT Score: 720

I am writing to you today to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for all your efforts in helping me cross the 700 barrier on the GMAT. I choose Jamboree as a relative of mine had prepared for the GRE after joining a Jamboree GRE course on the same and manged a pretty high score. It is all thanks to Jamboree that I have a score of 720 today. The course covered topics with great detail. Useful tips and notes are provided and discussed during class which make all the difference between a high and low GMAT score. My faculties were always reachable and always guided me whenever I had a problem. I just did what they asked me to do and I have a score by which I can apply to a school of my dreams. Whenever I had a problem during my preparation they were both just a phone call away and seriously I cannot even begin to thank them for all their effort and to Jamboree as a whole. read more


GMAT Score: 720

I found my experience at Jamboree a very fulfilling and rewarding one. Without their help I might not have achieved what I did. Everyone from management to faculty is very understanding. The faculty at Jamboree is its biggest plus point. They are available at literally any time of the day and even night, personally, or over the phone or email to address the issues and doubts and encourage a very interactive way of learning in class. Here. Even after I left for Switzerland, my verbal faculty provided guidance and conducted doubt sessions over the internet phone, bearing my little daughter along with me. Without her, I could never have achieved this score. Another good thing about Jamboree is the flexibility that it offers the students to attend a class as many times as needed and wind up the course according to their convenience by attending classes in different batches. I found it especially useful since I had only 7 weeks to finish the course normally meant for 11 weeks. Also, the test taking facility at Jamboree is fantastic, which quite nearly succeeds in simulating the actual tes read more


GMAT Score: 720

I am extremely grateful to the teachers & support staff at Jamboree whose dedicated efforts & keen interest in helping me achieve my aim of getting a high score in GMAT have yielded good result .I was provided with sufficient material and guidance along with regular advice to help me in my endeavour. Doubts sessions were arranged regularly as & when I required them. The faculty was extremely supportive in clearing any doubts I had . Especially I would like to mention about my maths faculty who would send us extra question regularly which helped me lot in developing good fundamentals .I am highly obliged to the whole Rajouri Garden Jamboree team. read more


GMAT Score: 720

"Jamboree has been very helpful in preparing me for GMAT. When I planned to give GMAT, I hardly knew anything about the exam. I approached Jamboree and their counseling sessions helped me gain an understanding of the exam. Then I decided to take the Jamboree's GMAT-CAT test series. It helped me a lot in my preparation for the test. After completing some books like Official Guide, I took tests at Jamboree's Gurgaon centre which helped me track my performance from time to time. It also helped me recognize my areas of strengths and weaknesses so that I could work upon them accordingly. I would like to thank Jamboree for helping me get 720 in GMAT." read more

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