GRE Score: 323

I was a student of Jamboree, Dehradun for both GRE and TOEFL preparation. Their main focus is on building the concepts which helps in dealing with the problems. The Jamboree curriculum is well designed and the faculty is readily available for doubt clearing. I thank Jamboree, Dehradun for their unconditional support that helped me get my dream score. I would highly recommend Jamboree, Dehradun if you are planning to prepare for GRE/TOEFL. read more


GRE Score: 330

"My experience at Jamboree was wonderful! My teachers, played important roles in my preparation for the GRE. The teaching faculty and the staff, including the centre manager are extremely helpful and welcoming. And the study material, especially the yellow book for quant and the online portal for verbal, make for a supremely comprehensive set of practice questions. All in all, Jamboree provides all the practice and the prep you need for the GRE! " read more


GRE Score: 325

I want to thank every member of Jamboree, my class faculty to webinar faculty who helped me get the score that for. They helped me plan my schedule for preparing and also decide of the mock tests. To master the GRE, it is imperative to solve the material provided by Jamboree which is comprehensive in every way. read more


GRE Score: 335

"I'm very happy with the services Jamboree has provided. I think Jamboree's faculty is great and the material they provide is more than whats needed. The teachers teach well, are very knowledgeable and are even accessible outside class." read more


GRE Score: 324

Jamboree Adhchini has been influential in helping me achieve a decent score in my GRE. The material provided for preparation, especially the mock tests, had proved to be very useful. The faculty and staff were more than helpful in clearing any doubts that I had from beginning to end, and helped instil in me a level of confidence that I previously lacked. At least for GRE, I could say that joining Jamboree would not be a regret for anyone hoping to excel. read more


GRE Score: 331

I would like to thank Jamboree Adhchini for my GRE score. Faculty have been phenomenal in my success, providing just the right amount of guidance, material and motivation. Recommended to anyone aiming for a good GRE score. read more


GRE Score: 327

Just gave my GRE exam a few weeks back and scored 327 in my first attempt, all thanks to Jamboree. The faculty and staff here were really helpful and the online content is top-notch. The classroom program helped me gain necessary confidence and skills for the actual GRE. Thanks Jamboree for all the help and support. read more


GRE Score: 328

Scored a 328 on GRE with around a month's preparation in the weekend batch. Faculty had significant roles to play in shaping up my attitude towards the exam. Highly recommended center, very helpful people all round!  read more


GRE Score: 327

Jamboree has an excellent and cooperative staff. The word list for the GRE is very helpful and you will not encounter a lack in vocabulary if you master the word lists. The official tests are a must and help us achieve a close understanding of the test. Jamboree has the ability to help you achieve a good score in the GRE. read more


GRE Score: 328

"I would like to express my gratitude to Jamboree as it played a cardinal role in securing a high score in the GRE. The material they provide was instrumental in improving my verbal and quant skills through practicing a multitude of questions. Also, the faculty was competent in elucidating the nuances of the way to answer questions correctly. Lastly, giving practice tests at the center helped me to identify and overcome my shortcomings. Thanking Jamboree for their assistance !" read more

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