GRE Score: 330

"I have to thank Jamboree for my success in GRE. Their comprehensive study material, expert guidance and highly co-operative administration made my preparation a breeze. All that a serious GRE aspirant needs, is Jamboree's GRE prep course and their utmost dedication. Thanks Jamboree!" read more

Raghav Saraogi

GRE Score: 330

The class recording video links are extremely helpful, along with prompt feedback from both verbal and quant teachers. The resources provided by Jamboree are comprehensive, from the books and the online practice tests to the specifically curated study plans. read more


GRE Score: 329

Attended the GRE preparation course from Jamboree and we are highly satisfied. Center manager is always very helpful and approachable. The faculty is very good. Also the Jamboree online tests and webinars are very helpful for the students. Overall it is a highly flexible environment that helps the students achieve their best. read more


GRE Score: 329

The best part about Jamboree is the material they provide. The course material is in itself the Bible, the library has all the essential books, and there is an array of mock tests which are sure to boost up your score. I’d specially like to thank , my quant faculty whose classes were not ony important for the maths tricks and fundas but also the invaluable bolstering he provided to work harder on verbal. The first ever teacher to emphasize on the importance of the other subject. Jamboree staff is always available for counselling regarding admissions and their expedite in these matters makes their advices really worthwhile. The atmosphere at Jamboree is very amiable, which makes it all the more appealing. All the teachers are very friendly to talk to, and they are open to your doubts at all times. You can walk up to them without any hesitation and can be assured of a positive response. Finally, the library, where not only you have access to all the major books, also you can come anytime, sit for as long as you like and study unperturbed. I’d immensely like to thank Jamboree for gu read more

Vrinda Kanvinde

GRE Score: 328

With a time constraint of a month and a half to prepare for GRE, I needed complete and comprehensive prep assistance. At Jamboree, they provide an in depth understanding of strategies and concepts needed to master the GRE. The faculty were very patient and ensured that all concepts were thoroughly clear. The strategies taught in verbal can help solve seemingly impossible questions. In quant, concepts are taught based on their application in questions which really helps. Faculty were really forthcoming with doubt clearing sessions, even coming to the centre on a holiday in order to accommodate me. The staff were very warm and helpful. With a huge question bank, mirroring the type that come in GRE, and comprehensive coverage of topics in both their books, Jamboree really gave me an edge while attempting the GRE. Their well equipped lab and website, containing several mock tests, really helped get an understanding of the actual test experience, causing me to be less nervous on test day. Scores of 169 in verbal, and 159 in quant, making an overall score of 328 are really due in a huge pa read more

Soyab Ansari

GRE Score: 328

I am very grateful to be a part of jamboree education Dehrdun. I improved my GRE score from 302 to 328 .It was only possible due to extravagant and extraordinary support from well professional teachers at jamboree Dehradun. The study material provided is comprehensive.I would highly recommend jamboree Dehradun to all those who want to achieve a high score in GRE.
read more


GRE Score: 328

Scored a 328 on GRE with around a month's preparation in the weekend batch. Faculty had significant roles to play in shaping up my attitude towards the exam. Highly recommended center, very helpful people all round!  read more


GRE Score: 328

"I would like to express my gratitude to Jamboree as it played a cardinal role in securing a high score in the GRE. The material they provide was instrumental in improving my verbal and quant skills through practicing a multitude of questions. Also, the faculty was competent in elucidating the nuances of the way to answer questions correctly. Lastly, giving practice tests at the center helped me to identify and overcome my shortcomings. Thanking Jamboree for their assistance !" read more

Ishmeet Singh

GRE Score: 328

I joined Jamboree for GRE preparation and was highly impressed. The faculty is excellent and the material provided is very helpful, covering all the topics tested in GRE. The online tests give a great practice for the ultimate examination. I followed their study plan religiously and scored 328 on the actual test. I am really grateful to jamboree for their support. read more


GRE Score: 328

My experience with jamboree has been quite good.I started with my classes in January and gave the paper on 7th may. The teachers were pretty helpful and so was the staff.The material provided was quite comprehensive and no doubt,it makes a great practice resource.All in all,it was a great experience,if i had to do it again,i'd join Jamboree! read more

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