GRE Score: 330

Jamboree Raja Garden has a set of teachers that make the concepts accessible and fun to learn. The management is helpful with the study material and the schedule. The after-class services and doubt-clearing sessions are also designed to provide the student with the last-mile connectivity towards her destination. All-in-all, a nice institute with nice people! I got a good score of 330 in GRE. read more


GRE Score: 325

I want to thank Jamboree for its fabulous materials for GRE preparation. Their approach is completely organised, comprehensive and easy to follow. Special mention to the tutor at Chennai(Adyar) branch for her constant motivation and support. Her 15-week, intense, fast-track schedule worked wonders and I feel that is how GRE is to be cracked. Thank you again!! read more


GRE Score: 332

I wanted to inform you that I just gave my GRE Exam a few weeks back and got 332. I want to thank Jamboree for all its support. Your program is great. read more


GRE Score: 324

I am thankful to Jamboree institute for their guidance in preparation of GRE exam and for their admission counselling. The study material provided by Jamboree is well in accordance with the structure and difficulty level of actual GRE exam. The quant faculty at Jamboree was quite helpful to help me score 167/170 . The sole credit for my score goes to the institute. read more


GRE Score: 322

Jamboree classes really helped me achieve my score. They helped me create patterns and techniques to answer difficult question. I sincerely thank my verbal and quant faculty for their guidance and support. read more


GRE Score: 323

"With a plethora of jollity, I am ecstatic to inform that I was able to obtain a satiating decent score in my GRE. I enrolled with Jamboree classes to prepare for my exams and the results have been gratifying. In my first attempt at the examination, I was able to secure a score of 158 in Verbal, 165 in Quantitative and 4.5 in AWA. Taking into account the amount of personal effort that I put into the preparation, I owe Jamboree a huge eulogy for its relentless support and dedication towards helping me achieve my goal. I really appreciate the effort put in by our Quantitative Faculty and our Verbal Faculty for guiding me throughout the process." read more


GRE Score: 325

Jamboree classes come with a complete package for preparation towards a good score. Classes and the material provided are very good as far as guidance is concerned and when these are combined with webinars, the strategy becomes fulproof. Webinars are great and it must be attended to get good scores. Thank you Jamboree. read more


GRE Score: 327

As a working professional Jamboree for me was a big help. From helping me understand the nuances of the GRE test to preparing me for it through a combination of brilliant faculty, pervasive educational material and well-paced classes they guide me through the entire process. The greatest help however was during the 30 day period before the test - the webinars helped me revise the concepts and get my doubts cleared. The regular interaction with the faculty – both one-on-one and over e-mail - was another big plus. Most importantly the mock tests helped me prepare for the original test itself pointing out the areas I needed to work on and giving me an idea of what the real tests feels like. Now that it has come to fruition - a big thank you. read more


GRE Score: 331

Jamboree really helped me understand the whole structure of GRE and guide me on how to pace my preparation. The books they provided, the online materials were really helpful. Also, classes were very well placed and covered the topics tested on GRE. So, I am glad that I choose Jamboree for my GRE preparation. read more


GRE Score: 334

I needed a GRE preparation course to streamline my preparation. I choose Jamboree because I had heard that it had the best faculty and material in Delhi NCR area. Indeed the teachers were really good and they taught us will enthusiasm. In the verbal section we were taught various techniques that would have otherwise been inaccessible. We were also given various tips about reading materials and how to tackle vocab. The quant was concise and to the point. We were taught all concepts that would come on the test and it instilled a sense of confidence. The experience of the faculty was helpful so that i was not doing anything that was not required thus saving time. I completed all the material provided to me by Jamboree and followed their study plan. I got a score of 334 on the actual test and I am really thankful to Jamboree for the support provided by them. read more

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