GRE Score: 328

"Jamboree had been a great help in boosting my confidence especially in verbal section. Sometimes one already has the right attitude to study but needs a proper guidance and motivation to channel strength in the right direction. Jamboree played an excellent role of guide for me. Essay tips were wonderful and for a person like me who hasn't written an essay after 10th class, the effort put by the faculty was really a good push. It helped me to put my thoughts cogently. SC and RC tips were sufficient to give one a good start. Apart from this, there is a good amount of questions and papers to practice. 2 classes per week keep one in schedule and faculty keeps pushing your limits everytime :) My experience with Jamboree had been great and I thank Jamboree from my heart." read more

Mariam Nida

GRE Score: 327

Jamboree helped me gain confidence as well as high scores in GRE & TOEFL. It helped me schedule, doubt clearing session, mock tests. There was an improvement in my score, when I began with my mock tests my score was around 300, in the final exam I got a score of 327. read more


GRE Score: 327

I am grateful to the faculty and staff at Jamboree Hudson Lane, and for my score, I owe it all to them. There is huge difference between finishing one's "job" and taking responsibility of a student. At Jamboree the faculty took the responsibility, and walked that extra mile every time I was in need of help. I constantly pestered them with my doubts and queries, but they took care of all of them with the same composure and concern. They made me improve gradually, at a pace i could match with. Had it not been this diligent attention, I would have not performed well. They allowed me to attend some classes even when my registration had expired, considering some problems i had to go through. This was a very noble gesture and I am really grateful. read more


GRE Score: 327

I'm very happy I chose to take my GRE coaching from Jamboree Madhapur. The faculty are very proficient and friendly. They have a command over what they are teaching, especially from the GRE perspective. The faculty helped me with a lot of tips and tricks for the GRE. The training material is excellent. The center helped me with a lot of practice tests also. Jamboree Madhapur helped me score 327 in the GRE(Q:170, V:157). I would recommend Jamboree Madhapur to anyone who's looking to give the GRE. read more


GRE Score: 327

Just gave my GRE exam a few weeks back and scored 327 in my first attempt, all thanks to Jamboree. The faculty and staff here were really helpful and the online content is top-notch. The classroom program helped me gain necessary confidence and skills for the actual GRE. Thanks Jamboree for all the help and support. read more


GRE Score: 327

Jamboree has an excellent and cooperative staff. The word list for the GRE is very helpful and you will not encounter a lack in vocabulary if you master the word lists. The official tests are a must and help us achieve a close understanding of the test. Jamboree has the ability to help you achieve a good score in the GRE. read more


GRE Score: 327

As a working professional Jamboree for me was a big help. From helping me understand the nuances of the GRE test to preparing me for it through a combination of brilliant faculty, pervasive educational material and well-paced classes they guide me through the entire process. The greatest help however was during the 30 day period before the test - the webinars helped me revise the concepts and get my doubts cleared. The regular interaction with the faculty – both one-on-one and over e-mail - was another big plus. Most importantly the mock tests helped me prepare for the original test itself pointing out the areas I needed to work on and giving me an idea of what the real tests feels like. Now that it has come to fruition - a big thank you. read more


GRE Score: 327

I decided to join GRE coaching at JAMBOREE, on recommendation from my seniors. Hoping that the classes would help me get up to speed with the GRE pattern and the types of questions, and I was not disappointed even a bit. I would like to thank the Quant and Verbal faculties, without whose guidance I would have not performed so well on the exam. I took my GRE on the 24th of September; I scored 327, and such a score enables me to pursue my M.S. at one one of the top universities in USA or Europe. read more


GRE Score: 327

A good score in the GRE requires extensive practice and clear concepts. Jamboree provided me the push that I needed to attain my target score. I was taught by highly skilled teachers, who also mentored me, and they guided me throughout the preparation. The classroom sessions were quite intensive, supplemented well with doubt clearing sessions. Jamboree's vast collection of mock tests and comprehensive word lists helped me immensely. The personal attention given to every student makes Jamboree’s GRE preparation program commendable. read more


GRE Score: 327

It gives me an immense pleasure today to write about my experience with Jamboree. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who was full of praise for their professionalism. I started preparing for GRE in June this year, and I was really impressed with the ways my faculty helped me out in every case. The quant faculty was always a joy to study and work with, and his experience on how to manage a 5 hour exam like GRE proved of great worth during the official exam. The verbal faculty was always a great help. She checked and marked every AWA problem I mailed her, and she also gave some points on how I could improve on them. The study material which was provided to me was enough in every form. I never felt any need to purchase any extra book. I can proudly say today that I owe Jamboree every point of my score earned. I can proudly say today that I owe Jamboree every point of my score earned. read more

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