GRE Score: 327

I am delighted to thank members of Jamboree management and staff for my performance in the GRE. I am a Literature major and had not studied Maths for 10 years, but I found the classes pitched at the basic level, and the teachers very willing to go that extra mile to break tougher concepts down to simpler terms. The Jamboree word lists are better organized (by theme) than others found in the market which are sequenced alphabetically. This allows us to learn words around a concept, and helps us retain them more easily and for longer. Most importantly, while many students just focus on Verbal and Quant, the AWA score was very important for me. My biggest learning from the English class was PRACTICE- do a little every week, prepare for class, revise after class- that's it. Very basic, but most effective. We were also given a list of section-wise and full length tests and a suggested order in which to do them. This was very helpful in the two weeks before the exam when I had finished my preparation and was looking for the best way to practice. I can confidently say that any student who fo read more


GRE Score: 327

Jamboree has shown me the right path to achieve good score in GRE. The material and the teachers are excellent which helps one to prepare in the right direction and never get lost. I owe my success to the teachers, staff and the wonderful support they provided. read more

Teja Donepudi

GRE Score: 326

Hi, i have taken coaching for GRE at Jamboree Begumpet in may 2018 in their fast-track program and have given the exam in july 2018 with a score of 326.(Q-169, V-157)

There are two things i liked very much about jamboree...one is the student teacher ratio, giving individual attention to every student, helping us analyse our strengths, weaknesses and the areas we should be working on. Their full length mock tests, materials, sectional tests guide us in the right direction. The faculty are dedicated, experienced and accessible any day anytime. The other thing is their unique strategies for Verbal section which would help us solve a question of vocab like any other question on logic without having actually to memorize a lot of words.
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GRE Score: 326

The faculty at Jamboree are very dedicated to helping test-takers deliver their best. I benefited both from their GRE classes and TOEFL coaching. I recommend Jamboree to people who need a good review of English language usage and mathematics shortcuts. read more


GRE Score: 326

Jamboree provides you with wonderful test prep material which makes it easier to crack the GRE. Jamboree's online tests help you gain confidence and are a real help ! The faculty is warm and supporting which is a big plus. read more


GRE Score: 326

"I would like to thank the entire staff of Jamboree for their help and support. I would not have been able to crack the Revised GRE and acquire such a good score in the first attempt, had it not been for their outstanding and caring faculty members. The course material, the rich vocab-lists, the techniques and short cuts taught in the classroom for solving time-consuming Quant problems, all had a crucial role to play in my preparation. Moreover, the online tests provided by Jamboree were extremely helpful in understanding the real testing environment. I express my heartfelt thanks to Jamboree for making it happen for me. Last but not least, Jamboree is truly 'The launching pad to an education abroad.' read more


GRE Score: 325

I want to thank every member of Jamboree, my class faculty to webinar faculty who helped me get the score that for. They helped me plan my schedule for preparing and also decide of the mock tests. To master the GRE, it is imperative to solve the material provided by Jamboree which is comprehensive in every way. read more


GRE Score: 325

I want to thank Jamboree for its fabulous materials for GRE preparation. Their approach is completely organised, comprehensive and easy to follow. Special mention to the tutor at Chennai(Adyar) branch for her constant motivation and support. Her 15-week, intense, fast-track schedule worked wonders and I feel that is how GRE is to be cracked. Thank you again!! read more


GRE Score: 325

Jamboree classes come with a complete package for preparation towards a good score. Classes and the material provided are very good as far as guidance is concerned and when these are combined with webinars, the strategy becomes fulproof. Webinars are great and it must be attended to get good scores. Thank you Jamboree. read more

Vivek Adithya

GRE Score: 325

Jamboree has provided me with top quality service for admission counselling that helped me get admissions into reputed institutes like Virginia Tech and UT Austin for MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The counsellors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and have offered their guidance right from admission selection, to helping prepare financial documents for universities. They have been an encouraging force at every step of my admission and I strongly recommend Jamboree for anyone aspiring to pursue Masters abroad. 

Also, I would like to use this testimonial as a subtle opportunity to inform you that I have received an admit from the University of Texas, Austin about 5 minutes back.
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