GRE Score: 323

Jamboree provides an all dimensional experience for preparation of GRE. The faculty is clear and is oriented towards providing individual attention towards each student. They especially excel at rendering very supportive doubt sessions and webinars. Focusing on each student's weak area and strengthening stronger areas, they leverage to a path of satisfactory score. I would definitely recommend Jamboree to anyone looking forward to taking GRE test. read more


GRE Score: 323

I was a student of Jamboree, Dehradun for both GRE and TOEFL preparation. Their main focus is on building the concepts which helps in dealing with the problems. The Jamboree curriculum is well designed and the faculty is readily available for doubt clearing. I thank Jamboree, Dehradun for their unconditional support that helped me get my dream score. I would highly recommend Jamboree, Dehradun if you are planning to prepare for GRE/TOEFL. read more


GRE Score: 323

"With a plethora of jollity, I am ecstatic to inform that I was able to obtain a satiating decent score in my GRE. I enrolled with Jamboree classes to prepare for my exams and the results have been gratifying. In my first attempt at the examination, I was able to secure a score of 158 in Verbal, 165 in Quantitative and 4.5 in AWA. Taking into account the amount of personal effort that I put into the preparation, I owe Jamboree a huge eulogy for its relentless support and dedication towards helping me achieve my goal. I really appreciate the effort put in by our Quantitative Faculty and our Verbal Faculty for guiding me throughout the process." read more


GRE Score: 323

“Thank you Jamboree, with you, I could secure 323 in GRE” read more

Deepthi Mohan

GRE Score: 322

Took a month long GRE prep class and was able to score 320+ while working at the same time. The faculty were very accommodating and helped me navigate the prep easily.

I'd especially like to call out Suresh (Verbal faculty) for helping with mock tests before the exam. He took multiple extra sessions so I was comfortable before going for the test.

Gopu, my quant faculty, was very patient in class and clarified concepts. As someone who hadn't used high school in a long time, doing this was useful for me.

The centre provides you with prep material and mock tests .The faculty also help you devise a study plan after attending their classes. While I did not have the time for comprehensive classes prep, I'd suggest students to take the classes at least 3 months before giving the test so they have sufficient time for studying after attending the classes. Space and resources are provided for individual preparation in the centre itself.
read more


GRE Score: 322

Jamboree classes really helped me achieve my score. They helped me create patterns and techniques to answer difficult question. I sincerely thank my verbal and quant faculty for their guidance and support. read more


GRE Score: 322

Jamboree made the GRE easy for me. The classroom sessions and the study material were comprehensive enough, there was no need whatsoever for any external resource. Although I've struggled in Maths throughout my school and college, but Jamboree's methodology made Quant a breeze, and rather enjoyable. The faculty was really helpful in identifying my weak areas and constantly chipped in with inputs to help me improve wherever I was struggling. I managed to get a decent score, all due to the clarity in concepts and constant feedback from teachers. Thank you Jamboree! read more


GRE Score: 322

I am indebted to Jamboree for a lot of things. The materials, the faculty, the environment helped a great deal in my preparation for the GRE. And the healthy informal atmosphere does make the Jamboree experience all the more enjoyable. read more


GRE Score: 322

I gave GRE on Jan 19'2014 and got a score of 322. The major part of credit for my success goes to Jamboree. The teachers were very patient and ready to reschedule even if i missed some of the classes due to college exams. The teacher-to-student ratio is enough to ensure that each student gets maximum attention. Timely guidance and study plans were given by the teachers to help me at each step. The mock tests were very useful and matched GRE test standard. The library was very resourceful. Also, the study material was self sufficient and concise. read more


GRE Score: 322

I scored 322 in GRE and 119 in TOEFL. I am immensely thankful to Jamboree for giving me excellent GRE and TOEFL coaching. Your guidance and support helped me score well. The tutors were all very patient with me and helped me a great deal in clearing my doubts. I would specially like to thank my TOEFL tutor. I was able to achieve high scores thanks to the repetitive practice sessions that I had with her. Her feedback was always prompt and extremely valuable. I would also like to profusely thank the verbal and the quant faculty for helping me understands many complexities in verbal and quantitative sections respectively. read more

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