Vishwakrit Choradia

SAT Score: 1550

Jamboree’s authentic content and experienced English faculty helped me tackle the Reading and Grammar section, both of which were my weaknesses. The teachers were available at all hours, and taught me effective strategies to address questions of all types. Doubt-clearing webinars supported my preparation. Special thanks to my faculty, English teacher and mentor throughout the journey. read more

Shubhada Baikar

SAT Score: 1550

I enroll in jamboree for my SAT preparation. It was a great experience learning in jamboree which pumped me to secure the score of 1550.
read more


SAT Score: 1540

I aimed at getting a good SAT score and Jamboree helped me achieve it. Their SAT program has a planned and well designed curriculum which catered to my preparation needs.The faculty was well experienced and a great support in guiding me through my journey. They gave me individual attention and focused on the best results. I'm thankful and happy at my decision of choosing Jamboree as my prep institute. read more


SAT Score: 1540

Jamboree really helped me with Verbal, my verbal section score in practice tests before Jamboree used be around 590 but after Jamboree my score went up to 700+. read more

Shreyas Kumar Sinha

SAT Score: 1530

I took the SAT course here, and I have to say it was really helpful. Having the potential to do something is one thing, but what a class like this does is bring it out. The classes were really helpful and the test series was very useful in training me for the test. All of their efforts helped me score a 1530. read more

Suhani Yadav

SAT Score: 1520

A wonderful institute with amazing teachers! They make your preparation smooth and cater to all your personal needs and solve all problems efficiently. My faculty (Mr Atin and Mr A nkit) and my counsellors (Ms Aryama, Ms Anamika, and Ms Rohini) had been my pillars of support throughout my journey and helped me tackle every obstacle along the way. I'm thoroughly impressed with their services and indeed would acknowledge the huge role that they have played in helping me get an excellent score. read more


SAT Score: 1520

When it comes to Education Abroad, the first thing that clicks my mind is Jamboree. Jamboree, an organisation which helped me get a good SAT and TOEFL score, and helped me get through with the application process. Jamboree has helped me a lot all through the process. Working with me is the most grinding task because i have a complete let go attitude and i don't put in efforts to the maximum extent, but Jamboree invested so much time and efforts in me and my application that if my dream of studying abroad is true. Plus excellence is what Jamboree preaches. Jamboree has left an extremely positive and affirmative impact on me that i'll recommend it to everyone who wishes to study abroad.  I'm really thankful to the complete team of Jamboree, who helped my dream come true.  read more

Sera Gandhi

SAT Score: 1500

Great faculty and staff!
Very helpful and encouraging!
The teaching and practice material is up to date and they also have a very well organized syllabus. Teachers are always open to doubt sessions and practice testing schedules are very good. Overall a great institute! I highly recommend Jamboree for SAT prep. read more

Hitarth Shah

SAT Score: 1490

Jamboree has not only been an SAT prep Institute for me, it has been an experience. The personal affection I got here was unparalleled. Irrespective of scores, the teachers encouraged me to focus on learning as a result of which, I was able to improvise myself to a great extent. read more

Pramey Kabra

SAT Score: 1470

This is definitely the best coaching for SAT in Indore. The faculty is extremely dedicated to help you learn. They put in hours and hours of time to make sure that we completely understand the concepts. The materials provided for practice are excellent and enough to obtain a good score. I saw a change of 250+ points in my test after joining Jamboree. I would definitely recommend SAT test takers to join Jamboree. read more

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