TOEFL Testimonials


Rajan Dalal

TOEFL Score: 118

I gave my TOEFL exam here in Ranchi around two weeks back and got a 118 (30+30+29+29) in TOEFL. I write this letter as a type of gratitude, for if not for Jamboree's teachings, I doubt I could have achieved this score. read more


TOEFL Score: 118

I write this letter as a type of gratitude, for if not for your teachings, I doubt I could have achieved this. read more


TOEFL Score: 117

I thank Jamboree for helping me with my preparation for TOEFL IBT.I could not have got such a good score without your help.I started preparing for TOEFL initially on my own and then realized that however good I may be in communicating in English, the exam was a different ball game altogether.The difficulty level of the reading and listening section was high and time management during speaking was crucial. Jamboree helped me out by providing me with a patient and kind teacher, good study and test material and a wonderful atmosphere.Even the first time I went there to inquire about the classes,I was impressed by their approach and the individual attention provided.My teacher agreed to give me a crash course-as the time I had was less, I was given as much help as possible.I was also advised by my teacher on which test center to choose, regrettably, I did not take up the advice as I had already taken up a date- this certainly cost me a couple of marks.So my advice to other students- pay keen attention to all the help and instructions you get and you can definitely do well. read more


TOEFL Score: 115

“I wanted to say, that I am extremely thankful to you for your guidance in TOEFL Preparation . Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to attend more than 4-5 classes, but of whatever I attended, your classes have been immensely helpful, in terms of 1.The instructions you gave for Speaking section, 2.The direction in Listening section, 3.The guidance in Reading section and accurately answering the questions and finally 4.The subject matter for Writing section ( esp. in a factual and an orderly manner maintaining thye time limit) I am all the more grateful, because, I was running short of time, and still you managed to prepare me completely, full and final for the exam in terms of all four sections. Because of the classes, I was well informed of the exam pattern and clued up as to how to attempt the sections. I scored a 115 on 120, ONLY because of your classes. I scored a 30 in Speaking, a 30 in Reading, a 30 in Writing and a 25 in Listening. And for this I would like to thank Jamboree and specially You. All I would say is you are indeed an erudite mentor for TOEFL. I would also like read more


TOEFL Score: 115

My friend suggested me Jamboree and when I first came to Jamboree, I had high expectations being India's No.1 institute. Jamboree certainly lived up to those expectations and delivered the best I could get. During my preparations for the TOEFL exams, I couldn't have gotten a score of 115 if it wasn't for Jamboree and its staffs. The teachers are friendly and always ready to help. I used the computer labs provided by Jamboree to further practice and enhance my score. read more


TOEFL Score: 114

I am extremely grateful to Jamboree for the guidance they provided for TOEFL. The TOEFL classes helped me get a grip on all sections of the examination. The mock tests available at the Coaching Centre played an important role in my preparation. Because of this thorough practice, the TOEFL exam was a cake walk for me. Furthermore, the staff at the centre is also very helpful and constantly motivated us through their personal touch. read more


TOEFL Score: 112

"I did not prepare anything extra for TOEFL. Neither I had any time to do that as i was focusing on my GRE exam. I attended some 7-8 classes of TOEFL which prepared me well enough for the exam. In addition I practiced two Barron's test just few days before the exam. I am really thankful to my faculty for gathering the latest information on the new writing and reading topics being introduced in the exam, in addition to regular practice sessions and preparing us for the same, and the entire Jamboree staff with the help of whom I was able to score high." read more


TOEFL Score: 110

"I would like to thank Jamboree team, especially my TOEFL tutor in helping me getting a score of 110 in the TOEFL iBT. A perfect blend of genial learning experience at the center and the comprehensive material that I received for my preparation (that provided me a great deal of practice in the various sections of the test) was largely helpful to me in scoring a three digit number on the test without considerable pain. Not to mention that the faculty was indubitably helpful in solving my last minute doubts, analyzing my essays as well as keeping me updated with the recent questions. The one on one sessions for the speaking section were equally helpful. They helped me realize my weaknesses and provided me strategies to avert them. I probably wouldn't have been able to achieve this coup without their guidance. I owe my success to my TOEFL tutor who was kind enough to help me throughout my preparation" read more


TOEFL Score: 110

Thank you Jamboree, with you, I could secure 110 in TOEFL read more


TOEFL Score: 109

I am very happy with the services provided by Jamboree. I took the TOEFL preparation classes and they helped me get a score of 109. The classes were very engaging and teachers are very helpful .The study material is also very good all in all it was a very good experience. Thank you Jamboree read more

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