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Top Achievers from Lucknow

Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal


Sparsh Raj Gupta

Sparsh Raj Gupta

Concordia University, Canada

Namrata Tiwari

Namrata Tiwari

Virginia Commonwealth University with full funding for PhD

What Jamboree Lucknow students have to say

Abdul Musavvir Khan

Abdul Musavvir Khan, GMAT

Jamboree stands out as the best not only in our town but also across Lucknow. Whether it's GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL, the faculty here is exceptional. One unique aspect of their preparation is the availability of self-paced classes, which means you need not worry if you miss a class. The management is also top-notch.

Karishma Yadav

Karishma Yadav, GMAT

I started with a very basic understanding of GMAT, but the mentors at Jamboree adapt their teaching to your level while demanding your full focus and intensity to maximize your learning during classes. My experience was fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone in lucknow for GRE Prep.

Akshat Srivastava

Akshat Srivastava, GMAT

The environment at Jamboree is highly conducive, and the cooperative faculty guides you in overcoming your weaknesses during your preparation. Additionally, Amit Sir provides clarity on building a strong profile.

Indu Tiwari

Indu Tiwari, GMAT

Jamboree Lucknow's Faculty nurture the talents of students preparing for GRE and GMAT by working alongside them, fostering a frank and honest approach toward their goals. The faculty is great, with unparalleled attention to each student.

Mohd Aquib

Mohd Aquib, GMAT

The faculty at Lucknow are undoubtedly the best in the business, and the faculty and other center staff are exceptionally supportive. Jamboree is the best choice for GMAT Prep in Lucknow.

Krits Singh

Krits Singh, GMAT

Jamboree is the top institute for GMAT, with a supportive staff and excellent facilities. It offers the best consulting service for education abroad in Lucknow. Highly Recommended.

Shivangi Singh Rathore

Shivangi Singh Rathore, GMAT

For GMAT classes, Jamboree is the best place. Their staff is super helpful, and their faculty is knowledgeable and experienced. They are true experts in their field and easily accessible both inside and outside the classroom.

Shazan Khan

Shazan Khan, GMAT

If you plan to take GMAT classes, Jamboree Lucknow is the place to be. They have the best teaching faculty to help shape your career.

Venkatesh Chaturvedi

Venkatesh Chaturvedi , GMAT

Jamboree Education Lucknow is the best institute in town for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and more. The teaching staff is excellent and provides assistance in various aspects. The study material provided by the institute is of high quality. They guided me from preparation and college selection to visa services.

Prithu Mishra

Prithu Mishra, GMAT

With guidance from Jamboree, I achieved a GMAT score of 710 and secured admission to ISB Hyderabad. The faculty is very helpful and supportive. The counseling service streamlined my application process, and the interview at ISB went smoothly following the experts' advice. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamboree to any GMAT aspirant aspiring t...o join a top B-School. read more

Er Ravi Kant Verma

Er Ravi Kant Verma, GRE

Joining Jamboree Lucknow for GRE has been a fantastic experience. The clarity of concepts, quality study materials, and effective teaching are commendable. My only suggestion is to upgrade the GRE vocabulary app. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Pranita Gera

Pranita Gera, GRE

I attended GRE classes at Jamboree in Lucknow and was highly satisfied with both math and English classes. The instructors were approachable and provided valuable assistance throughout my time there.

Annpurna Chourasia

Annpurna Chourasia, GRE

Jamboree is the premier GRE coaching institute in Lucknow. They offer support for GRE, IELTS, and the application process for top colleges worldwide.

Shubham Asthana

Shubham Asthana, GRE

The best coaching available in Lucknow for GRE and more. Reliable and trustworthy. I will surely reccomend it to everyone who wants to prepare for GRE.

Shweta Gill

Shweta Gill, GRE

Enrolling at Jamboree greatly assisted me in preparing for GRE in Lucknow. The instructors were approachable, and their explanations were easy to follow. Taking these classes helped me grasp many GRE concepts, and I strongly recommend them if you are serious about achieving a satisfactory score. The counselors were also highly helpful the application process. read more

Sapna Goel

Sapna Goel, GRE

I took a GRE course at Jamboree last year, and the coaching was outstanding. The teachers provided exceptional support for both classes and doubt sessions. The course material is well-structured and highly useful. They also offered the necessary course and admissions-related counseling in Lucknow.

Chandra Sen

Chandra Sen , GRE

My experience with Jamboree Lucknow enhanced my GRE preparation significantly. The study material is comprehensive and covers a wide range of GRE question types. The classes and course structure are well-organized.

Irikaa Pilania

Irikaa Pilania, GRE

Jamboree serves as an excellent foundation for GRE and GMAT preparation. I was a GRE student there, and they offer a flexible curriculum with both weekday and weekend batches. Instructors are readily available to assist and provide individual doubt sessions, even during the night, along with valuable performance feedback. They also review... mock test and regular practice test performance in class and outside. The study material provided by Jamboree is a valuable resource for GRE practice and preparation. They also have additional resources like library facilities for practicing from other books and often recommend taking mock tests there to simulate an exam-like environment. I highly recommend Jamboree Education as a solid foundation for GRE preparation, best coaching centre in Lucknow read more

Jaya Agnihotri

Jaya Agnihotri, GRE

I have been enrolled in GRE classes at Jamboree Lucknow for the past three months, and it has made a tremendous difference in boosting my confidence in vocabulary skills and enhancing my math knowledge. The wide range of methods inspired my creativity and learning. I have transformed from a reluctant student into an avid reader and profic...ient exam taker. Furthermore, Jamboree has gone above and beyond to instill confidence in me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jamboree to anyone preparing for GRE and IELTS. read more

Megda Bharadwaj

Megda Bharadwaj, GRE

Jamboree Lucknow has provided excellent services. I attended GRE classes there, and the faculty was highly helpful. In addition to GRE classes, they also offer complimentary TOEFL classes. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with their services.