Jamboree Student Portal Gets Smarter with Advanced Analytics

Jamboree introduces a new improved Student Portal with a smarter dashboard! It can help you track performance reports of individual mock tests as well as that of all mock tests taken so far. This gives you a better idea of your performance vis-à-vis other students. An awesome add-on is the GMAT Forum wherein you can ask questions that can be viewed and answered by faculty and your peer group. Here’s a quick run-through of the new improved Jamboree Student Portal.

Study Planner

Think a bit more prep could’ve made a world of difference in your performance? You’re not alone! Time management is easier said than done. And that’s exactly what we’re pros at!

When you access your Student Portal for the very first time, you will be asked to choose an exam date. Knowing your tentative exam date helps us generate your customized study plan consisting of your daily task list so that you can tackle the entire syllabus step by step. Now walk into the exam room prepped to the core.

This is how your Study Planner looks like. You can customize your prep start date by clicking on the tab at bottom-left of the page. The status on the top gives you an idea of your progress. The weekly calendar gives you your current task and upcoming tasks. You can also see the webinar schedule by clicking on ‘webinars’. Notice the color-coded labels on the bottom-right of the calendar.

Study Planner

Screenshot: Study Planner

Interactive HD video classes

In the ‘Learn’ tab of the dashboard, under ‘Course Structure’, you can access high-definition quantitative and verbal videos that cover the entire syllabus through separate topic-wise modules. In each video, a Jamboree faculty would introduce you to the basics of the topic and would take you step by step through concepts and questions. Keep your Jamboree study material handy while watching these videos, because the faculty may advise you to refer to it. This is how the ‘Course Structure’ and ‘Video’ pages look like.


Course Structure     

Screenshot: Course Structure


HD Videos      

Screenshot: HD Videos

Once you have been through 44+ hours of ‘Learn’ videos, you can move to the ‘Practice’ section. This section has 3000+ practice questions from all relevant exam topics. These exercises will help you master all concepts covered in ‘Learn’ videos.

Exact GMAT-like testing platform

Now you are ready to take mock tests. The ‘Tests’ section of the Student Portal consists of 12 full-length mock tests that simulate actual GMAT. These tests will help you set the required pace, build your test-taking stamina and give you valuable testing experience before you take the actual exam.


Screenshot: Mock-test screenshot

Once you are done with a test, check your answers and analyze where you went wrong. For your convenience, answer to each question is accompanied by its detailed explanation. Please note that you can attempt each test up to 3 times.

One-on-one doubt sessions scheduling

You can book a Skype appointment for doubt-clearing with a quant or verbal faculty for a duration of 30 minutes or more. Simply click on top-right icon and choose ‘Getting Started’. Now click ‘Contact faculty’ on the left panel to schedule a doubt-clearing session.


Screenshot: Doubt-sessions scheduling

Advanced analytics

The new improved Student Portal is packed with many advanced features to give you an idea of your progress and competence.

Testing portal

Screenshot: Testing portal

You can access your test report by clicking on the date in the ‘Past Attempts’ panel on the right side of the test.

Performance overview

Screenshot: Performance overview

This takes you to the ‘Performance Overview’ screen that gives your test percentile along with a table that outlines your speed and accuracy measure including your pace per question in each section.

Sectional analysis

Screenshot: Sectional analysis

Under ‘Sectional Analysis’ you can view your sectional performance report that is further computed for each question vis-à-vis other test-takers’ performance. Click on question number to access the question and its correct answer along with its explanation.

Composite performance metrics

Screenshot: Composite performance metrics

Your composite course progress is reported on the analytics tab in the top-right corner of the homepage dashboard. It outlines your course progress through percentage of learning modules completed, practise exercises completed and full-length tests completed.

It also summarizes your performance in various topics of sections on an Accuracy vs. Avg time graph. Hover on bubbles to get an idea of your accuracy and pace of each topic/sub-section over all tests taken so far. Pay close attention to color-coding and corresponding suggestions.

The Accuracy chart outlines your weekly/monthly progress in quant and verbal sections. You can even customize it down to the level of difficulty and for each topic for a better idea of your accuracy in tests.

Content Area duration summarizes the number of hours you have given to learning modules, practise exercises and full-length tests.

Difficulty gives you a clear picture of your average accuracy and pace with respect to overall, easy, medium and difficult level of questions.


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