The SAT, or the Scholastic Assessment Test, is a computerised, multistage adaptive test designed to assess a student's college readiness. The multiple-choice entrance exam is used by leading colleges and universities across the world, including in the US and India for admissions to their undergraduate programs. 

The SAT exam syllabus is designed to test a student's verbal, mathematical, and writing skills. The SAT score acts as a common point of reference and helps admissions committees compare all college applicants on a common metric.

How is the SAT syllabus structured?   

The New Digital SAT, which has been administered internationally since 2023, is a 2-hour and 14-minute long test scored on a scale of 400-1600. The SAT consists of two sections:

  1. Mathematics 

  2. Reading & Writing    

Both sections contain two modules each. Your performance on the first module of each section will determine the difficulty level of the questions–the greater the difficulty level of the question, the higher the marks it carries, and vice versa.    

The Mathematics and Reading & Writing sections are scored out of 800 individually, making the total SAT exam score 1600. 

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SAT Math Syllabus

The SAT Math section primarily covers questions from high school mathematics on topics including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphs, functions, and equations. This section is majorly focused on four key areas:




  • Linear equations in one variable

  • Linear equations in two variables

  • Linear functions

  • Systems of two linear equations in two variables

  • Linear inequalities in one or two variables

Advanced Math

  • Equivalent expressions

  • Non-linear equations in one variable and systems of equations in two variables

  • Non-linear functions

  • Polynomial functions

  • Quadratic equations

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • Ratios, rates, proportional relationships, and units

  • Percentages

  • One-variable data: distributions and measures of center & spread

  • Two-variable data: models and scatter plots

  • Evaluating mean, median, mode, standard deviation

  • Probability and conditional probability

  • Inference from sample statistics and margin of error

  • Verifying data collection methods

  • Evaluating statistical claims: observational studies and experiments

Geometry and Trigonometry

  • Area and volume

  • Lines, angles, and triangles

  • Right triangles and trigonometry

  • Circles

The Mathematics section on the SAT contains two modules. Each module has 22 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. The section has a total of 44 questions to be answered in 70 minutes.

SAT Reading & Writing Syllabus  

This section has brief and shorter passages with more direct questions. The passages are 100-150 words long, covering several topics related to history, social & life sciences, politics, and other comprehensive topics. The section aims to assess English reading, language, and comprehension skills. The SAT syllabus in this section focuses on:



Information and Ideas

  • Central ideas 

  • Command of evidence

  • Interpret information from tables, graphs, lines

  • Quantitative inferences

  • Analytical and evaluative skills

Expression of Ideas

  • Rhetorical synthesis transitions

  • Ability to revise texts

  • Effectiveness of rhetoric texts

Standard English Conventions

  • Form, structure, and tense

  • Sentence structure and parts of speech

  • Grammatical form and punctuation

Craft and Structure

  • Words in context

  • Text structure and purpose

  • Cross-text connections

  • Reasoning and comprehension skills

You get a total of 64 minutes in the Reading and Writing section to answer 54 questions. Each module consists of 27 questions to be answered in 32 minutes. 

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SAT Exam Pattern 2024 

Section Name

Total Questions

Total Time


44 questions

70 minutes

Reading and Writing

54 questions

64 minutes


98 questions

2 hours 14 minutes

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The SAT syllabus for Indian students can be advanced, since it covers the entirety of  your high school education. While this can be daunting, the SAT exam structure focuses on your ability to reason, interpret and comprehend the given information. At Jamboree, we know what your aim is: Score a 1500+ on your SAT and land at your dream university abroad!

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