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Jamboree has proudly partnered with ‘GradRight’ to get you the best possible funds in the market, like never before - helping you save up to $32,000 (INR 23 lacs). GradRight uses fintech to make education loans friendly, fast, and savings-focused. Domestic or International Lenders, Public or Private Banks - GradRight got you covered.

As a Jamboree student, you are auto-eligible to participate in India's first student loan bidding platform - GradRight.

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GradRight is an initiative by alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, IIT Delhi, Indian School of Business, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Lucknow, and is a trusted partner of Jamboree.

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International or Indian, Private or Public - GradRight got them covered for you.

Anyone considering graduate student loans should seriously check out GradRight. Seeing a bevy of options from different banks laid out so comprehensively and conveniently was a huge source relief, and led me to options I would not have found otherwise! They’re also extremely knowledgeable about hidden costs and other critical details. I’ve had an excellent experience, and strongly recommend getting in touch with them

Raghav Adlakha
B.Sc, Mathematics, St. Stephens College | Admitted to Harvard Kennedy School

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