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Mansi Phute GRE 339 Shreepad Narasimhan GRE 333 Subhang Singh Gaharwar GRE 333 Apurav Sehgal GRE 333 Chirag Arora GRE 332 Tanmay Thareja GRE 332 Chirag Arora GRE 332 Kanishk Hooda GRE 332 Prashanthi Subbiah GRE 332 Rupak Panigrahy GRE 332 Palash Aggrawal GRE 331 Kartikey Tripathi GRE 331 Parth GRE 330 Suryaa Seran GRE 330 Purvansh Jain GRE 330 Aditya Rana GRE 330 Shashank Srivastava GRE 329 Vansh Chowdhary GRE 329 Shashank Srivastava GRE 329 Sehr GRE 329 Saurabh Banga GRE 328 Prachi Garg GRE 328 Vishesh Kumar GRE 328 Basanta Bista GRE 328 Rupanjana Sinha GRE 328 Vanshita Agarwal GRE 327 Ganesha E GRE 327 Kribashini GRE 326 Sanket Bhandari GRE 326 Yash Ghatlia GRE 326 Shreyash GRE 326 Kartik Agarwal GRE 326 Dilip Subbaian G GRE 326 Anirudh Gaur GRE 326 Anirudh Gaur GRE 326 Dilip Subbaian G GRE 326 Birinder singh GRE 326 Prince Kumar GRE 325 Vasvi Gupta GRE 325 Ayushi Gupta GRE 325 Muskan Aggarwal GRE 325 Kartikeya Khullar GRE 325 Mayank Sharma GRE 325 Richa Saboo GRE 325 Supratik GRE 325 Ishita Singh GRE 324 Anubhuti Srivastava GRE 324 Shubham GRE 324 Janhavi Jain GRE 324 Ashwani Singh GRE 324 Hitesh Mehta GRE 324 Sainesh Nakra GRE 324 Shanuj Bansal GRE 324 Aditi Aggrawal GRE 324 Chelikani Sangeetha GRE 324 Pragna Pulipati GRE 323 Romil Makhija GRE 323 Akshit Mittal GRE 323 Abhyuday Singh GRE 323 Deepayan Deb GRE 323 Kartikey Tripathi GRE 323 Abhishek GRE 323 Sparsh Gupta GRE 323 S.Aditya Reddy GRE 323 Kadali Shree Tejaswini GRE 323 Shaik Sulaeman GRE 323 Aparna vikram GRE 323 Hardik Varma GRE 323 Karthikeyan GRE 323 Shobhit Kumar GRE 323 Aman Shah GRE 322 Abhinav Sachdeva GRE 322 Kartik Sethi GRE 322 Reshma Ram GRE 322 Reshma Ram GRE 322 Qamar Ali GRE 322 Manavjeet Singh GRE 322 Jatin Bhatnagar GRE 322 Mohit Gupta GRE 322 Tanishka Agarwal GRE 322 Amanpreet Singh GRE 322 Manoj Mehta GRE 322 Paarth GRE 322 Gokul S GRE 322 Anitha E GRE 321 Shikhhar Siingh GRE 321 Ritovas GRE 321 Akshita Chander GRE 321 Abdul Rehman GRE 321 Prasad Bhosale GRE 321 Ayesha Sareen GRE 321 Vasanth Anand GRE 321 Suvid Sahay GRE 321 Saketh Ladda GRE 321 Udish Nagpal GRE 320 Poorva GRE 320 Lakshmisree GRE 320 Shikhar Tyagi GRE 320 Madhurima GRE 320 Suraj Nandi GRE 320 Sonal Mehta GRE 320 Shubham Singh GRE 320 Ravi Kumar GRE 320 Sarthak Goel GRE 320 Mayank Kesari GRE 320 Aditya GRE 320

GRE Online Live Training Features

GRE Sentence Correction Tutoring
  • 60 hours of training on the Math and Verbal concepts tested on the GRE
  • 40 hours of HD videos that exactly mirror Jamboree’s GRE Program
  • Unlimited scheduled doubt clearing sessions
  • Jamboree’s study material - 3 books
  • 80+ hours of webinars - Foundation sessions, question discussion, Doubt sessions, Verbal refresher sessions before exams, Admissions information Sessions
  • Unlimited AWA essay reviews
  • Class recordings available
  • 1 year course validity including the option of repeating classes within the validity period
  • Access to Jamboree’s Vocab builder app
  • 2 official tests discussed as a part of the 66 hours of live classes
  • 8 Online full-length tests & sectional tests developed through 25+ years of research
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date
  • Access to exclusive information sessions & webinars with top universities
  • Access to Jamboree alumni community and post class support

Our Students Can’t Stop Talking About Us

Sayantan Saha

Sayantan Saha

GRE Score - 337

"I attribute almost my entire score and performance on the GRE to Jamboree. They helped immensely during preparation and the vast volumes of practice material they provide help inculcate the process of solving questions in the GRE."

Sankalp Singh Gaharwar

Sankalp Singh Gaharwar

GRE Score - 334

"Apart from the fantastic coaching through competent and well-experienced faculty, Jamboree helped me with about 12 practice tests before the actual GRE exam, which played a major role in my successful performance on the exam day."

Prashasti Gupta

Prashasti Gupta

GRE Score - 330

"The teaching faculty and the staff, including the center manager, are extremely helpful and welcoming. And the study material, especially the yellow book and the GRE portal, make up a supremely comprehensive set of practice questions."

Isha Goel

Isha Goel

GRE Score - 329

"I'm highly satisfied with Jamboree. The centre manager is always very helpful and approachable. The faculty is very good. Also, the Jamboree online tests and webinars are very helpful. Overall it is a highly flexible environment that helps the students achieve their best."

Rohit Panwar

Rohit Panwar

GRE Score - 323

"The main focus at Jamboree is on building the concepts that help deal with the problems. The Jamboree curriculum is well designed, and the faculty is readily available for doubt clearing. I thank Jamboree Dehradun for their unconditional support that helped me get my dream score."

Why Choose Jamboree for GRE Test Prep?

Unmatched Scores on the GRE since 1993

Smart Analytics help you track and evaluate your performance

Powerful adaptive technology platform streamlines your preparation

Targeted study plan & exhaustive Full-Length tests to maximize speed and accuracy

Mentoring and Coaching by the best and most experienced faculty

Personalized attention through Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

Want to know more about the GRE, like eligibility, fees, test structure, test dates

Human Excellence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Track your GRE test preparation with advanced analytics. Understand your progress with a performance matrix, accuracy chart, progress report & test-wise analysis.

Score Predictor

Score Predictor

For every full-length test, you will get a score out of 340, so you know where you stand. The accuracy of our score predictor is +/- 20 points.

Interactive HD Videos

Interactive HD Videos

Get access to pre-recorded videos that cover all the concepts tested on the GRE, followed by practice quizzes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The online portal makes it easy to schedule doubt clearing sessions (general or 1-on-1) at your convenience.

GRE-Like Testing Portal

GRE-Like Testing Portal

Testing platform at Jamboree’s portal stimulates the actual GRE test to familiarize you with the testing conditions.

Customized Study Plan

Customized Study Plan

Keep yourself on track with a customized GRE study plan based on your target test date. 

Jamboree Offers Everything
You need for SMART GRE Preparation

GRE App GRE App Image

GRE Free Resources

GRE Quiz

Take the GRE preparation test and begin your GRE coaching

Study Planner

Begin your GRE online coaching with this study planner prepared by our experts to help you with your GRE prep

Syllabus Download

Download the GRE syllabus now and get a head start on your GRE classes


In this prep option, Jamboree offers GRE online classes through a videotelephony platform. These are live GRE classes where you can interact with your teacher and peers in real-time. The GRE course curriculum is crafted in a way that the subject specialists teach you exactly what is tested on GRE, nothing more and nothing less. 

Students also get access to Jamboree’s online testing portal for quality mock tests, concept videos, free resources, a fully stocked library and more. 

FUN FACT: 1000000000 is the number of one-on-one doubt sessions you can schedule with your faculty.

As a student enrolled in classroom coaching for GRE, you will get:

  • 60 hours of concept-based sessions with topic-wise practice exercises

  • Jamboree’s GRE study material

  • Detailed study plan customised to your target score and exam date

  • Verbal refresher sessions just before GRE date

  •  Batches on weekends as well as weekdays

  • One-year course validity with option to repeat classes

FUN FACT: Our GRE course has been perfected for over 30 years!

Every student enrolled in GRE online coaching at Jamboree gets free access to GRE mock tests along with the entire online student portal, which includes:

  • 8 Online full-length GRE tests developed through 28+ years of research

  • 55 hours of concept-based HD videos by expert GRE faculty

  • Sectional tests for each section of the GRE

  • Test discussion sessions with the faculty for all the tests

FUN FACT: Jamboree Online Student Portal offers a free trial!

Your faculty will always be accessible and the centre managers & supporting staff will, for a fact, go the extra mile to accommodate but there’s also this: 

  • 100+ hours of webinars- foundation sessions, questions & admissions discussions 

  • Complimentary session with Admissions Expert on 'Application & Profile building strategy

  • Access to a computer lab and a well-stocked library of important GRE reference books

Access to Jamboree’s Vocab builder app

Anyone can take the GRE. ETS has specified no age limit or minimum qualification to take the GRE. In total honesty, there will be a range of eligibility criteria set by the universities that accept GRE scores.

The GRE exam fee in India is a little on the expensive side. The test is priced at $213, which roughly translates to 17,500 Indian Rupees.

There are no specific dates announced for the GRE, you can practically take the test whenever you feel most prepared throughout the year. There is also no lifetime limit on the number of times you can take the GRE exam, but you can only take five attempts within any continuous rolling 12-month period.

There are no specific dates announced for the GRE, you can practically take the test whenever you feel most prepared throughout the year. There is also no lifetime limit on the number of times you can take the GRE exam, but you can only take five attempts within any continuous rolling 12-month period.

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