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Unmatched Scores on the GRE since 1993

Smart Analytics help you track and evaluate your performance

Powerful adaptive technology platform streamlines your preparation

Targeted study plan & exhaustive Full-Length tests to maximize speed and accuracy

Mentoring and Coaching by the best and most experienced faculty

Personalized attention through Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

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GRE Classroom Training

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GRE Private Tutoring

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Jamboree’s Training is Designed to Help you Improve in 3 Key Areas

Classes by Jamboree's expert faculty on the concepts tested on the

Classes by Jamboree's expert faculty on the concepts tested on the GRE

Jamboree teaches you exactly what you need to ace the GRE -
nothing more, nothing less

Jamboree teaches you exactly what you need to ace the GRE - nothing more, nothing less

Topic-based exercises to help gain mastery of concepts

Topic-based exercises to help gain mastery of concepts

Concepts taught in the class are also available as HD
videos for easy reference

Concepts taught in the class are also available as HD videos for easy reference

Quickly revise the rules that you have studied in your classes

Improve accuracy and speed with practice tests and their solutions

Unlimited doubt clearing sessions help you improve your weak areas

Strategize your GRE prep journey with customized study plans

8 full-length tests, which are like the actual GRE test

Want to know more about the GRE, like eligibility, fees, test structure, and test dates?

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Arjun Shah

Arjun Shah GRE 340

Jamboree Mumbai-Dadar Student

"I signed up for coaching at Jamboree, and it helped me manage my time and balance my studies. Also, the reference material provided by my coaching center was very helpful."

Arush Gupta

Arush Gupta GRE 338

Jamboree Delhi-NFC Student

"I'm really thankful to you for all your efforts, and most importantly, the patience Jamboree's faculty has shown with me!"

Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain GRE 337

Jamboree Delhi-NFC Student

"I did the 10-week course from Jamboree for GRE preparation and was impressed by the faculty and study material they provide. I ended up scoring 337/340 and I couldn't have done it without them."


A.Brindha GRE 327

Jamboree Hyderabad-Madhapur Student

"I'm very happy I chose to take my GRE coaching from Jamboree. The faculty are very proficient and friendly. They have command over what they are teaching. The training material is excellent. The center helped me with a lot of practice tests also. I would recommend Jamboree to anyone who's looking to give the GRE."

Avdhesh Bansal

Avdhesh Bansal GRE 327

Jamboree Hudson Lane Student

"There is a huge difference between finishing one's "job" and taking a student's responsibility. I constantly pestered Jamboree with my doubts, but they took care of it with the same composure & concern. They even allowed me to attend some classes after my registration had expired, considering some problems I had to go through. I am grateful to the faculty & staff at Jamboree for my score. I owe it all to them."

Human Excellence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Track your GRE test preparation with advanced analytics. Understand your progress with a performance matrix, accuracy chart, progress report & test-wise analysis.

Score Predictor

Score Predictor

For every full-length test, you will get a score out of 340, so you know where you stand. The accuracy of our score predictor is +/- 20 points.

Interactive HD Videos

Interactive HD Videos

Get access to pre-recorded videos that cover all the concepts tested on the GRE, followed by practice quizzes.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The online portal makes it easy to schedule doubt clearing sessions (general or 1-on-1) at your convenience.

GRE-Like Testing Portal

GRE-Like Testing Portal

Testing platform at Jamboree’s portal stimulates the actual GRE test to familiarize you with the testing conditions.

Customized Study Plan

Customized Study Plan

Keep yourself on track with a customized GRE study plan based on your target test date. 

Jamboree Offers Everything
You need for SMART GRE Preparation

GRE App GRE App Image

GRE Free Resources

GRE Vocab App

GRE Vocab App

Learn the GRE vocab better with Jamboree’s vocab app – Simplified GRE Vocabulary

GRE Quiz

Take the GRE Mini Quiz to get a better idea of how you will do on the GRE. 

Demo Videos

Get free access to videos which cover tips, tricks, knowledge, and concepts to help you ace the GRE.

Study Planner

Identify your strengths and weaknesses for different concepts tested on the GRE. Discuss your performance with faculty and get a personalized GRE study plan.

Syllabus Download

Download the GRE syllabus to get acquainted with everything that GRE will test you on. 

Full-Length Practice Test

Jamboree's GRE practice tests have been specifically designed for students who want to gauge their test preparedness. 

Try the GRE Portal

Jamboree has designed an integrated test prep portal where you can monitor your performance, access thousands of GRE-related questions, define your study plan, and much more.


Top universities in the world do not have their individual entrance exams instead, they accept standardised test scores and use them in the shortlisting process. GRE or Graduate Record Examination, is one such standardised test that is most widely used for grad school admissions in the US and Canada. 

The GRE exam is an admission requirement for top master's, MBA and doctoral degree programs in various other countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia.

ETS conducts two types of GRE exams - The GRE General test, which is used as the primary criteria for your admission into any master’s program. And the GRE Subject Tests, which are taken by students choosing to specialise in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

Anyone can take the GRE. ETS has specified no age limit or minimum qualification to take the GRE. In total honesty, there will be a range of eligibility criteria set by the universities that accept GRE scores.

The GRE exam fee in India is a little on the expensive side. The test is priced at $213, which roughly translates to 17,500 Indian Rupees. 

You can choose between the paper-based version and the computer-based version of the test. Further, you can also choose whether you’d like to take the exam at a test centre or at home, from the comfort of your living room.

There are no specific dates announced for the GRE, you can practically take the test whenever you feel most prepared throughout the year. There is also no lifetime limit on the number of times you can take the GRE exam, but you can only take five attempts within any continuous rolling 12-month period.

If you have to retake the GRE exam due to any circumstances, you will have to wait for a minimum of 21 days before you can take your next attempt. This is just ETS's way of saying that you should take some time to really outdo your last score, and we agree!

Here is a step-by-step guide to rescheduling the GRE exam - How To Reschedule GRE Exam at Home? (

The structure of the GRE is divided into three sections, and these are

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Quantitative Reasoning

  • Analytical Writing 

The Unscored and the Research sections are, as the name overly suggests, unscored and for research purposes only. As per the order of the sections, the Analytical Writing section will always be first. The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and unidentified/unscored sections can appear in any order.

The Analytical Writing section doesn’t assess specific content knowledge rather, it tests your analytical writing skills through different tasks. These writing tasks test your ability to articulate and evaluate complex ideas while simultaneously judging your ability to sustain a focused and coherent discussion.

So GRE is time-bound, and the entire duration of the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10-minute break after the third section to, you know, breathe.

The breakdown of the duration of the test and sections looks something like this:




Analytical Writing

2 Tasks

30 (Per Task)

Verbal Reasoning

2 Sections (20 Questions Each)

30 (Each Section)

Quantitative Reasoning

2 Sections (20 Questions Each)

35 (Each Section)







The highest possible score on the GRE is 340, and the Quantitative and Verbal Sections make up for 170 points each. The Analytical Writing Section, however, is scored on an independent scale where you can get a score from 0 to 6, with 6 being the highest and 0 being “que the tears”.

“Good” is a very subjective term so instead of going there, let’s check out what some of the top grad schools in the world are expecting from you… No pressure!

University accepting GRE Scores




Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)




Stanford University




University of California, Berkeley

153 – 156



The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)




Johns Hopkins University




Rice University




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