Choosing an MBA: Aim as High as You can Reach

The MBA degree has long been considered as a ticket to success, a gilded highway to a high-flying international career ...
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TOEFL changes

All About the New TOEFL iBT

TOEFL takers all over the world are likely to embrace the new shorter TOEFL. August 1, 2019 onwards, TOEFL will ...
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On the path to achieving a noble goal!

Adventure enthusiast and an ardent Harry Potter fan, Swati Srivastava, is a multi-talented individual with interests in photography, travelling, origami ...
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Extend your reach farther than your grasp!

“From individuals to the nation, Economics drives decision-making,” says Siddharth Kumar, describing his passion for the subject. He continues, “The ...
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Ain’t No Dream Too Big, Ain’t No Dreamer Too Small!

With a long-cherished dream of studying aerospace engineering, Prachi Tomar, a student of Queen Mary’s School, New Delhi, set about ...
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How to score 160+ in GRE Verbal [Webinar]

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE checks your capacity to analyse and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained ...
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GMAT Tips: Time-management tips for the quant section

The most important objective during GMAT prep is to maximize your score. Everything is done to achieve this goal. If ...
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When taking the plunge why not go to the best!

“I started a bit late with my GMAT preparation—in November. And my aim was to take the GMAT in January!” ...
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