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A sky-high score is something that every SAT aspirant wants. But not everybody is cut out for an SAT 1500. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad student or that you didn’t study well enough. It simply might not have been your day. And it definitely does not mean that you have no future!

If you’ve got a mid-level SAT score (around SAT 1050-1360) and retaking the SAT is not an option for you anymore, then don’t lose hope. There are still plenty of colleges for you out there to study in. And these are not some third-rate colleges that would leave you in the lurch when you graduate. Instead, they do have healthy placements, quality coursework, decent infrastructure and a culturally diverse student population.


1 Indiana University Bloomington


1150-1360 79
2 New Jersey Institute of Technology


1190-1380 79
3 University of Texas at Arlington


1060-1270 79
4 SUNY University of Buffalo


1160-1330 79
5 Penn State University Park


1160-1360 80
6 Michigan State University


1110-1310 79
7 Temple University


1140-1320 79
8 Texas Tech University 1070-1240


9 Syracuse University


1180-1370 93
10 University of Houston


1130-1310 79
11 Texas A&M University, College Station


1170-1380 100
12 Arizona State University


1130-1360 61
13 University of Michigan Dearborn


1080-1290 80
14 City University of New York, Baruch College


1220-1390 80
15 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


1180-1390 80
16 Drexel University


1170-1380 79
17 University of Colorado Boulder


1150-1360 75
18 University of Delaware


1130-1330 90
19 University of Cincinnati


1160-1370 66
20 University of Washington Seattle


1220-1460 76

Remember, the path to your dream college requires a combination of SAT score, academic scores, extracurricular activities, LORs and SOPs. So if your SAT score didn’t quite make the cut, the way you present your profile can also do the trick. Even with tier 1 colleges.

Have a mid-level SAT score? See where you can apply!

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