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How to get ACT scores?

How to get ACT scores?

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Hey, I just wrote my ACT, but sir, where do I check my ACT scores? When and how do I check them? As a tutor, I have gotten asked this question a lot. In this article, we elaborate on when and where to check your results, online.


Unlike a few entrance exams, the ACT requires that you log in online to access the results. You will have created an account upon deciding to write the ACT, and this very account is what you will have to access in order to get your results. The ACT is divided into a multiple choice questions-section as well as a writing section:

  1. Multiple choice questions-section scores will be available 10 days after you take the test.
    Remember that, at times, your ACT scores might take longer than 10 days to come out; so do not panic.
  2. The WRITING section scores are given out 2 weeks post that.

Logging onto the OFFICIAL website of the ACT can help you understand the different exam dates and score release dates. What is mentioned above is a snippet of the general structure of the exam score-release timelines.

NOTE: There is an option called ‘Priority report’ on the website of the ACT. This report does not mean that your scores will be graded sooner. The priority report is only for sending scores to colleges


  1. LOG IN: Log in to your account using the USER ID and password:
  2. Once you log in, you will be taken to the STUDENT home page. You can click on the test dates and scores to the left of your screen to be taken to the page.
  3. After STEP 2, you will be taken to a screen on which you can view the table with the dates, the test types and the link to view your scores..
  4. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to re-enter the password. Once the password is entered, you can view your test scores.
  5. Scoring Pattern:
    You will get a composite score, out of 36; and the sectional and sub-sectional scores. You must know how you have performed across these sections, and this also helps the college analyse your performance.

I have gotten a score, WHAT NEXT?

This is a critical step in the process of admissions. You have to understand where you lie, in terms of scoring etc. Your composite score should be as close as possible to your target score. A simple example is: When you aim for a score of say, 30, and score a 28; this is pretty close to what you were targeting and therefore, you should be satisfied with the score.


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