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All About Brown University’s Video Portfolio

All About Brown University’s Video Portfolio

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Brown University is one of the most valued research institutions in the world. It is a member of the famed Ivy League and is an extremely sought-after college by international students, whether in humanities, life science, physical sciences or social sciences. As a university of such standing, it doesn’t surprise that Brown University has one of the most competitive and rigorous admission procedures. And a new inclusion to this process is the video portfolio. Recently, Brown University went a step ahead and made their application process more challenging yet enjoyable. They included space for potential students to submit a 2-minute personal video portfolio alongside academic test scores, standard application sections, statement of purpose and all such formal documents. The objective is two-fold. A video portfolio makes it easier for tutors to get a glimpse into the applicant’s life and background and allows the student to convey thoughts more creatively. A creative video portfolio goes a long way into building an impressive profile and establishing a closer relationship with the admissions committee members.
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Why a personal video portfolio?

Before the 2020-21 admission cycle, Brown University arranged alumni interviews for applicants to know more about the institution while sharing information that they couldn’t typically include in traditional submissions like a statement of purpose. However, there was some concern about the process not being equitable. To make the journey consistent, the university did away with Alumni Interviews and introduced the video portfolio. Simultaneously, to ensure that scholars can still reach out to Brown alumni, they introduced webinars and virtual events.

All the particulars you need to know!

Although it sounds complicated, the video portfolio is an easy addition. There is no reason why students cannot think of an original and exciting way to express their thoughts with the right planning. Moreover, this has an added advantage as a visual submission is a more exciting way to communicate ideas that will, in most cases, not find a space through conventional applications.

Here are some essential pointers that you must remember about the video portfolio:

  • The personal video portfolio is an additional This means that it is optional and not a compulsory addition. However, it carries merit and is an excellent way to share your voice.
  • The video portfolio has to be submitted via the Brown applicant portal. Once the applicant logs in, there is a link in the sidebar. You can preview the video after uploading it and if it seems fine, go ahead and submit.
  • The video portfolio is not judged on the quality of production or exceptional editing/visuals. The parameter of evaluation is content. The only technical aspect that the applicant needs to look into is clear audio and video.
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How to go about filming your video portfolio?

One of the best parts of the video portfolio and most aspects of Brown University admissions is that there are no definite rules for the additional elements you are required to submit. The boundaries are fluid, enabling potential applicants to truly open up about their past experiences and why they wish to study at Brown University.

The following are the official guidelines that applicants must keep in mind when they are conceptualising their video portfolio:

  • The video portfolio’s logic is to give applicants a free space where they can share information about themselves, their dreams and expectations, and any other important detail that could not be accommodated in the standard application sections.
  • There is no specific format or topic that the applicant has to speak about. The potential list of topics can be anything; from talking about their hometown to a book that influenced their lives and thinking ways. Whatever you choose to speak about, the only criterion is that the content must reveal something about you.
  • The duration must not exceed two minutes.
  • The video must start with “Hi, my name is your name from the name of your high school.”
  • Post introduction, it is entirely up to the applicant on how they wish to proceed. A relaxed, unrehearsed and free-flowing speech is the ideal way to go about it.
  • Coming to the technicalities of it, the applicant must ensure that the place they are shooting is brightly lit, orientation is landscape and audio is clear. Barring these essentials, nothing related to production matters during the assessment.
  • To know more about how successful applicants went about their video portfolios, you’ll find many testimonials on YouTube.

Students applying abroad often have exciting ideas to share, but traditional application procedures have little scope to include them. Brown University’s video portfolio is a unique opportunity to share your thoughts that you think can play an essential factor in making a strong impression. Still, you could not include them elsewhere because of word limits, or perhaps they felt too abstract on paper. When planned well, a video portfolio is straightforward to execute and gives you an edge over the others.

Want to know which activities you should mention in your video portfolio or how you can make your video portfolio more impactful? Connect with our expert counselors for a 15 minute one-on-one session. It’s absolutely free!

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