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INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and prominent business graduate schools. With locations in Asia (Buona Vista, Singapore), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Europe (Fontainebleau, near Paris, France), and North America (San Francisco), it offers aspirants a truly immersive global experience. Additionally, INSEAD alliances with other top institutions to span its research and business education across the world.

INSEAD takes in candidates twice a year – every September and January. The power-packed 10-month MBA is spread across five periods, with each period lasting for about eight weeks. The program concludes with an essay, exam, and/or project.

The program is divided mainly into two parts. The first part gives you a robust foundation on management principles using 14 core courses. The second part offers you a choice to select from 75 different electives spanning across various subjects.

The MBA curriculum covers global content to keep you in sync with the macro business world’s latest trends.

What are the entry requirements for applying to INSEAD?

There is no minimum age limit for entry. INSEAD takes in candidates who have around two to ten years of professional work experience. The average work experience is six years. Candidates with more than ten years of work experience are recommended to enroll in one of the Executive MBA programs to get exposed to a more mature and experienced peer group.

INSEAD doesn’t have a minimum GPA requirement. They primarily look at grades received in courses taken and overall academic performance.

Which programs at INSEAD should I target?

Designed to equip global business leaders with skills to handle modern-day challenges and help organizations meet their business goals, INSEAD offers a wide variety of Master programs. Some of which are

  • Executive Education
  • Master in Management
  • MBA
  • Global Executive MBA
  • Executive Master in Finance
  • Executive Master in Change
  • Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA
  • Business Foundations Certificate
  • PhD

Executive Education

Executive programs are tailor-made for executives at any stage in their career. The programs are designed to equip organizations with strategies to deal with unique challenges. The curriculum suits all organization levels and is delivered across multiple platforms. Programs offered for strategic transformation are:

  • Open, Online & Live Virtual Programs for individuals
  • Customized programs for organizations
  • Online programs for both individuals and organizations

The programs are offered in-person and continuously adapt to reflect the latest opportunities and needs. The education programs include Top Management Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Corporate Governance, Digital Transformation, R&D, Entrepreneurship, and many more.

Master in Management Program

This 14 to 16-month is an ideal start for your global career. The program empowers students into agile-thinking, innovation, and problem-solving orientation. The program is designed to answer the challenges of an uncertain world that we have to deal with every day.

With INSEAD’s master program, you unlock a global network of more than 60,000 prominent alumni across 175 countries. Experiential block courses are offered to leverage classroom learning in real-life business opportunities.

The course helps you tap into a global network of top recruiters in a broad range of industries. You acquire relevant skills and professional exposure to succeed at any job you land upon. INSEAD MBA is designed to thoroughly prepare you and equip you to reap benefits from a career in international business.

Master in Business Administration

INSEAD offers an accelerated and multi-cultural experience with this 10-month program. With over 80 different nationalities in a single classroom, the program develops thoughtful leaders and successful entrepreneurs. INSEAD alumni continue to create value for the community and their respective organizations.

The MBA program is powered by world-class professors who have been selected for the relevance of their research. The experienced faculty produces a powerful learning experience for the diverse student population. You also become part of the influential 29,000 members alumni network to grow your perspective.

The in-house Career Development Centre offers dedicated support throughout your stay on the campus and can help you in your career journey.

How to apply to INSEAD?

An online application platform takes care of the entire application process. The system allows you to work on different sections of the online application separately. You’re able to save the progress and come back later to pick up from where you left.

A list of documents needs to be attached to the application before submission. The application won’t be entertained unless all the required documents are included.

Additionally, candidates have to submit official transcripts from colleges that they have attended. Transcripts are allowed in English and French and must bear the official seal of the university or institution.


INSEAD develops responsible and competent leaders by bringing together people and ideas. The goal is to transform business and society through diversity.

Any single school of thought is not nurtured, and intellectual freedom is provided across institutional, financial, and decision-making processes.

An MBA not only enhances your knowledge and skills, it also changes your perspective towards life. INSEAD partners with international business fraternity to explore and imbibe the latest management skills. Consistent performance and top ratings make INSEAD one of the top choices for MBA aspirants around the world.

Over the years our admissions counselors have guided many MBA aspirants to their dream B-schools. Get in touch with us for application guidance and charting a personalized roadmap that will turn your INSEAD dream into reality.

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