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“I come from a family of doctors, so I know the healthcare industry very well,” says Priyanka Lahoti as she outlines the importance of data science in healthcare systems all over the world. “In the US, for example, 18% of the GDP is spent on healthcare, but one in three dollars goes waste. Data science can help in improving patient outcomes by reducing costs,” she says.

A BSc Mathematics grad, Priyanka did her MSc in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from NIT Warangal where she was the gold medallist of the course. She developed an interest in machine learning and decided to pursue an MS in Data Science.

Always being at the top of her class propelled this go-getter to aim for the top universities of the world. That was how she came to choose Jamboree for both GRE preparation and admissions counselling support. She scored a GRE 323 and secured admits in UT Dallas, Columbia University and University of Southern California. She chose Columbia University and will be a part of the Fall ’19 session intake. Congratulations, Priyanka!

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