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Top 20 universities for studying FAME courses in Germany

Unsurprisingly, FAME courses have been steadily gaining popularity. The name itself kind of gives that away. Organizations across the globe now acknowledge the importance of business and finance courses and offer incredible career prospects to FAME graduates from good universities. Moreover, students find these courses exciting and enriching as they inter-relate its constituents – finance, accounting, management and economics.  In the contemporary landscape, these four subjects have emerged as some of the most influential fields of study at both graduate and postgraduate levels in business schools and universities present in different parts of the world, including Germany. Read more

These Critical Factors Will Determine Your SAT Score in 2021

You don’t have to push yourself to lose it like Alex Dunphy to excel in SAT. This article will show you how to level up your SAT scores this year with a proactive approach.

The SAT is a standardized exam that has been prescribed as a requirement for undergraduate admission in a majority of colleges and universities in the world. Academic achievement levels play a significant role in influencing SAT scores, among other things like psychological and personal aspects. Let’s elaborate on how these factors play a role in your SAT score. Read more

How to get into the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program?

What is the first thing that scares you from starting college mid-career? Most probably it is a bunch of 21-year-olds making you feel out of place. Even though this thought should never get in the way of your higher education there’s a program that skips this conversation altogether – MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Read more

MBA or MS in Business Analytics: Which is better for you?

Netflix documentary Alma Matters briefly captures the unanticipated surge in popularity of data analytics in recent years. Analytics as a discipline has undergone a huge transformation and owing to its technical nature, it is important that students understand the subject thoroughly before taking it up. Read more

What Is Coalition App and Should You Fill it in 2021?

Students applying or planning to apply to colleges next year may be aware of Common App. But have you heard about the Coalition App? The Coalition Application is a platform for students to explore colleges, fee waiver opportunities and to build their college applications as early as ninth grade. Read more

What is a dual-degree MBA and should you consider it?

An MBA degree in itself is a launchpad for managerial success. But know what’s better? A dual-degree MBA which not only launches you to top managerial positions but also shock-proofs you from contingencies while making you a valuable company resource! In a dual degree program, you’ll study two academic fields at once, and earn two separate degrees. Read more

Top 11 mistakes to avoid while choosing a college for your Bachelor’s

If you’ve ever played GTA V you would know that you can finish the game and it can still show 34% as completion percentage. It simply means that you reached the ending, but you only did 34% of all of the things you could have done. That’s exactly what applies to college! Not for nothing do they say ‘College is what you make of it’. Read more

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