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All about Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Germany

It’s hard to think about Germany and somehow manage to miss out pretzels, cars and engineering universities. That’s because Germany has made its place among the most sought-after country for a career in engineering globally. Students aspiring for a career in engineering have got their heart set on Germany across the globe. Based on the data collected from last year, 37% of international students’ study engineering in Germany, and every year these numbers have only been increasing. Read more

14 Best Masters in Advertising and Public Relations

If there was a directory for world’s coolest jobs, Media, Public Relations and Advertising would bag them all, that is of course when travel blogging is left out. And a degree in advertising and public relations abroad is an exhilarating mix of them! Read more

All About Brown University’s Video Portfolio

Brown University is one of the most valued research institutions in the world. It is a member of the famed Ivy League and is an extremely sought-after college by international students, whether in humanities, life science, physical sciences or social sciences. As a university of such standing, it doesn’t surprise that Brown University has one of the most competitive and rigorous admission procedures. And a new inclusion to this process is the video portfolio. Recently, Brown University went a step ahead and made their application process more challenging yet enjoyable. They included space for potential students to submit a 2-minute personal video portfolio alongside academic test scores, standard application sections, statement of purpose and all such formal documents. The objective is two-fold. A video portfolio makes it easier for tutors to get a glimpse into the applicant’s life and background and allows the student to convey thoughts more creatively. A creative video portfolio goes a long way into building an impressive profile and establishing a closer relationship with the admissions committee members. Read more

15 easy to tough college interview questions answered!

College interviews are a means for the admissions committee to know about you, your interests and how well do you fit in their program cohort. It also allows students to learn more about the school that they are interested in joining. College interview may be taken by an admissions committee member, a person from the outreach team or even an alum residing in your city. Read more

What is the Duolingo test and how is it different from IELTS and TOEFL?

Due to the pandemic, standardized English tests have become harder to take. And for that reason, Duolingo test has quickly grown popular among study abroad aspirants. It is now considered as a replacement for TOEFL and IELTS examinations. Around 2,000 universities around the world now accept the Duolingo Test as an English proficiency test. If you want to know more about the universities that accept this particular test, visit their official website to browse through different colleges and universities available. And also, check out how Duolingo scores are used for college acceptance. Read more

11 careers in nutrition and wellness after class 12

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us have much more on our plates than we can handle. We scarcely get any leisure time to relax and unwind. This has adversely affected our lifestyle and eating habits and made us prone to various ailments. Consequently there is a high demand for professionals specializing in nutrition and wellness. Read more

What is MBA accreditation and why does it matter?

Time and again throughout your pursuit of an MBA, you would come across terms like AACSB, EQUIS, MSCHE, etc. This post is meant for students who are curious about accreditation and how it can play a significant role in choosing a university or b-school for MBA and allied courses. Read more

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