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MBA in UK without GMAT: Ranking, Fees, Eligibility for Indian Students

Taking admission in a B-school abroad without getting frisked for a GMAT score sounds odd, doesn’t it? The good news is that you can apply for an MBA in leading universities in the UK without ever having to take the dreaded test – GMAT!

So let’s talk about these too-good-to-be-true MBA programs in the UK that don’t require GMAT scores. Shall we? Read more

Unleash your MBBS dreams in the UK: universities, eligibility, fees, scholarships and more!

With over 30,000 Indian students migrating to join UK universities during last year, 2022 seems poised for another surge. Home to some of the most coveted premium institutions that compete on the global college ranking surveys, UK is an ideal hub for medical aspirants in India who want to pursue  a 5–6-year full-time MBBS program. Read more

MBA abroad? 11 scholarships for Indian students!

While an MBA degree from a renowned university can significantly boost your career prospects and help you strengthen your footing in the contemporary career landscape, it is still a distant dream for many since managing the expenses associated with it are not feasible for everyone. Tuition fees, high cost of living, health expenses, transportation are a few financial burdens which a student has to be prepared to shoulder while pursuing an MBA abroad. Read more

When is the right time to prepare for SAT Exam in India?

If you are looking for answers regarding your SAT prep and the internet is confusing you by throwing words like ‘spring attempt’ or ‘junior year’ read on, as we’ve got you covered!

SAT scores are extensively used for the college admission process at different universities abroad and to offer academic scholarships as well. As SAT is an extremely important exam, you need to maintain a planned approach when it comes to preparing for it. Since a lot of students in India tend to be confused about the right time to start preparing for this exam so, in this article we tried to change that. Here we go! Read more

What are the chances of getting a scholarship for Master’s in the US?

High out-of-state tuition is a painful reality of studying in the US and the cost of living there is not a relief either. But this doesn’t mean you need to give up on that American Dream. Fortunately, there are several scholarship opportunities available in the country for international students that can help lessen this cost burden to a great extent.  Almost all universities in the US have scholarship programs, a majority of which are open to applications from international students. There are many parameters on which scholarships in the US are awarded, such as academic merit, financial need, extracurricular contribution, etc. Most of the scholarships have a broad range of criteria for eligibility and tend to provide either full or partial funding. In this article, we intend to help you pick the scholarship that is right for you and evaluate your chances of getting one. Shall we? Read more

OPT and CPT How to work while you study in the USA?

At least 8 out of 10 Indian students going to universities in the US wonder about job opportunities available after graduating. CPT and OPT are the two options they can avail in this regard. CPT is taken up as an internship and OPT is undertaken in the form of post-study work. Since the rules of these two programs are very similar, there is a lot of confusion amongst students regarding them. This article talks about both programs, their features, eligibility, and the application process. Read more

Top 25 Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Did you miss the admissions game this year? Or did your regular admission decisions go awry? Or maybe you’re just not so sure about being accepted, whatever might be the case Rolling Admissions is the answer you’ve been looking for! So, let us find out what are rolling admissions and how can it be the solution for so many different problems, shall we? Read more

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