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What is the scope of pursuing MS in Financial Economics?

Masters in Financial Economics is a degree that is appropriate for some of the fastest-growing careers today. This is a program that prepares students for highly lucrative and challenging jobs in banking, finance and asset management companies. These include investment banking, financial markets, economic forecasting and financial management. Employers these days tend to hire candidates who possess vital quantitative and analytical skills. Read more

10 MBA programs where little or no work experience is required

Ask any working professional across the globe, and they are bound to agree that an MBA is one of the most valued degrees that immediately opens doors to many different avenues. A Masters in Business Administration from a reputed B-school is exceptionally effective for launching a lucrative career. It is for this exact reason that thousands of students dream about pursuing an MBA overseas. Read more

Which online courses can improve your MBA résumé?

Life is not perfect, but your MBA résumé should be! No, it’s not like your typical job résumé where you list academic background, internships, work experiences… and ta-da, you hit send.

If perfectly tailored, the MBA résumé is the key to top MBA program at one of your dream colleges! So how can you make that perfect MBA résumé so that it catches the eye of the admissions committee? A lot of people fill up their résumé with work experiences and education and so will you, but what will make your MBA résumé really stand out and shine among other applications? You need to prove that you have the aptitude and penchant for leadership, team building and working under pressure. Read more

Should you do your MBA right after your bachelor’s?

After battling through endless assignments, exams, sleepless nights, and not to mention the havoc COVID-19 wrecked, you are finally on the way to your graduation. Of course, most of you feel the calm of the ocean – finally, you are free of the classrooms! Read more

All about MBA at INSEAD business school

INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and prominent business graduate schools. With locations in Asia (Buona Vista, Singapore), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Europe (Fontainebleau, near Paris, France), and North America (San Francisco), it offers aspirants a truly immersive global experience. Additionally, INSEAD alliances with other top institutions to span its research and business education across the world. Read more

Why do MBA graduates receive such high salaries?

It takes a fair amount of money to feel financially secure. Who doesn’t like to shop, pay rent, or eat out without being anxious? We often overlook such security when we have it. But it takes the necessary striving to reach that level. Students and professionals looking forward to breaking the bank, leading an organization, or starting a business someday are often attracted to an MBA program. Read more

What is the scope of doing an MBA in international business?

Do you know what the singular greatest goal of any business is? Growth!

First, you want to raise your brand in your circle, then your city, moving on to your country and finally the goal is to go global. This is exactly how some of the world’s biggest companies have made it to their place. Take McDonald’s for instance, or even the famous Kentucky fried chicken, they started as little local fast-food restaurants, and now people compete all over the world to own their franchises. Other than restaurants, we have fortune 500 companies that started in Silicon Valley, and some even in garages, but now they have clients from individual people to entire governments. If you really think about it, most of these global MNCs boast multi-billion-dollar revenues. And who’s behind managing all this money and global connections? You guessed it, international business majors! Read more

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