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What is the scope of pursuing MS in Financial Economics?

Masters in Financial Economics is a degree that is appropriate for some of the fastest-growing careers today. This is a program that prepares students for highly lucrative and challenging jobs in banking, finance and asset management companies. These include investment banking, financial markets, economic forecasting and financial management. Employers these days tend to hire candidates who possess vital quantitative and analytical skills. Read more

What is the scope for MS in Industrial Engineering?

Do you learn best through hands-on projects? Is the application of engineering concepts and skills to promote efficient practices your forte? Are you a natural at creating workflows with maximum efficiency and minimum wastage? Well, then, this is one post that you should read till the end. Keep an eye out for Master of Science in Industrial Engineering or the MSIE programs that incorporate knowledge and practice with innovative workplace experience. Read more

How to become an astrophysicist after Class 12

If your interests revolve around the mysterious world of planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter and celestial objects, astrophysics is your calling. As an astrophysicist, your job involves applying the laws of physics and chemistry to understand the universe-related phenomenon and formulate theories about the properties of small and medium-sized structures in this universe. The branch of science is interrelated to cosmology and astronomy and in the course of study, lines often become blurred. However, each is vastly different from the other. According to astrophysicists at NASA, tasks within the discipline can be sub-divided into three broad areas: how the universe functions, origin and evolutionary journey of galaxies, and potential of other stars to sustain life. Read more

What is the scope of pursuing a Master’s in Geological Engineering?

What is Geological Engineering?

The matters relating to soil, rock, groundwater and the design structure in and below the ground are all covered under Geological Engineering. Geologists put to use the knowledge of principles of earth science and apply it to solve human problems.

A number of ground engineering specializations namely, geotechnical engineering, land remediation, rock mechanics, groundwater hydrology and engineering geology, are included in Geological Engineering. Read more

GRE vs CAT: How to prepare for both together?

Are you an aspiring graduate? Do you wish to lead an organization someday? If your answer is yes, then deciding to study for a postgraduate degree is a big step for you. GRE and CAT are tests conducted to assess aspiring students’ potential applying to leading B-schools and universities. Read more

Top colleges for pursuing Masters in international business in UK

What happens to global business in the face of a worldwide pandemic? How are foreign markets behaving now? How to improve international sales and operations? These are real-world business challenges, and the solutions to these questions are in a truly specialized management degree; International Business. Read more

10 ways to manage your money while studying abroad!

With countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada emerging as educational hotspots with fantastic universities, more and more students are looking to pursue their education abroad. And rightly so, not only do you receive a global experience, but the post-study job offers get you some big bucks, with graduate salaries around the $100,000 mark. But all things aside, it’s a well-known fact that studying abroad is a costly endeavour. And if you don’t have a proper plan to take care of your finances, you’ll be pinching pennies to get by. Read more

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