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The Whys & Hows of a PhD After MBA

Before anything, what is your reason to do PhD after MBA (Getting to add Dr. before your name doesn’t count!)

A PhD after MBA should be purely based on your interests as it alters the career opportunities that come your way after that. If you had the option to choose between MBA and MCom after graduation, you would know that the choice was really about a career in corporate management or in academic domain. This is similar, except with higher stakes. Read more

How to get an effective LOR for pursuing Masters abroad?

You are asking someone else to pitch for you and that pitch is going to be a deciding factor for your admission to your dream university, there’s no way you’re not anxious about this!

The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is one of the most important documents for your admissions abroad, even a statement of purpose or admission essays might be optional in some universities but LOR is a mandatory document required to be submitted by almost all the universities. Read more

Rotman or Schulich: Which is better?

Personal preferences aside, you might as well just flip a coin to find out which one is better among Rotman School of Management and Schulich School of Business. Rotman and Schulich are two of the top B-schools of Canada, with freakishly close rankings. So much so that Forbes and The Economist rank Schulich as #1 in Canada, while Financial Times and QS rank Rotman #1 in Canada. Read more

Are IGNOU and other open school degrees recognized by universities abroad?

Open school learning is hard, it was even harder when fellow classmates from different cities weren’t closely knit in a WhatsApp group. If we compare regular college learning from open school learning we will always find that the latter is disadvantaged in terms of exposure to teaching faculty, doubt resolution, resources to practice for practical exams, campus placement opportunities and obviously ‘the college experience’. Read more

All about Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Germany

It’s hard to think about Germany and somehow manage to miss out pretzels, cars and engineering universities. That’s because Germany has made its place among the most sought-after country for a career in engineering globally. Students aspiring for a career in engineering have got their heart set on Germany across the globe. Based on the data collected from last year, 37% of international students’ study engineering in Germany, and every year these numbers have only been increasing. Read more

14 Best Masters in Advertising and Public Relations

If there was a directory for world’s coolest jobs, Media, Public Relations and Advertising would bag them all, that is of course when travel blogging is left out. And a degree in advertising and public relations abroad is an exhilarating mix of them! Read more

15 easy to tough college interview questions answered!

College interviews are a means for the admissions committee to know about you, your interests and how well do you fit in their program cohort. It also allows students to learn more about the school that they are interested in joining. College interview may be taken by an admissions committee member, a person from the outreach team or even an alum residing in your city. Read more

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