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Top 25 Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Did you miss the admissions game this year? Or did your regular admission decisions go awry? Or maybe you’re just not so sure about being accepted, whatever might be the case Rolling Admissions is the answer you’ve been looking for! So, let us find out what are rolling admissions and how can it be the solution for so many different problems, shall we? Read more

Is It Worth Pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy from Europe?

If you aspire to have a career that makes a difference in society, public sector work can be ideal for you. A Master’s in Public Policy, therefore, shall be the natural next step in your journey. The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a 1–2-year program that maintains a structured approach towards learning about public policies, regulations, and executive, legislative and administrative processes. Read more

How hard is the GRE, really?

Are you planning to take GRE? Are you worried it is going to be difficult? Well, one thing is for sure, at the end of your test prep you will have the vocabulary to win the Spelling Bee!

As you might already know Graduate Record Examination or GRE is an advanced admission test meant for both business school programs as well as graduate school programs. Read more

10 best colleges to pursue a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction, also known as HCI, is a one-of-a-kind course that is an amalgamation of computer-based technologies and its interaction with professionals from the field. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that prepares students to design, ideate, implement and examine computer-based technologies. HCI focuses on making the technologies useful and usable by the end-users, which are humans. Read more

Top 20 universities for Masters in Psychology

Millennials are more self-aware than generations before ever have been, they actively indulge in finding themselves to understand their motivations and traumas. Consequently, they throw in buzzwords like transference, Parkinson’s law, and reverse psychology to sound perceptive and sharp. Read more

What is the scope of Masters in International Business from US?

As you watch HBO, notice how more and more references in the shows are easily recognizable?

From Uber, iPhone, Forever 21 to consumer goods like Nescafé, Lay’s, Knorr, and Tide international businesses are springing up everywhere in our lives now. All this makes you wonder what does it take to make this happen and the answer is Masters in International Business! Read more

The Whys & Hows of a PhD After MBA

Before anything, what is your reason to do PhD after MBA (Getting to add Dr. before your name doesn’t count!)

A PhD after MBA should be purely based on your interests as it alters the career opportunities that come your way after that. If you had the option to choose between MBA and MCom after graduation, you would know that the choice was really about a career in corporate management or in academic domain. This is similar, except with higher stakes. Read more

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