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Top 20 Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Canada

A wide platter of scholarships, multicultural bouquet of a crowd, network of quality universities and less anxious parents, Canada does have it all! The country has slowly climbed the ladder to become a hot-spot for foreign education and is now the go-to destination for international students from all over the world. Main attractions for international students are the welcoming and super-friendly locals, stay and work visa after graduation, low crime rates and lower cost of living. Read more

All about Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Germany

It’s hard to think about Germany and somehow manage to miss out pretzels, cars and engineering universities. That’s because Germany has made its place among the most sought-after country for a career in engineering globally. Students aspiring for a career in engineering have got their heart set on Germany across the globe. Based on the data collected from last year, 37% of international students’ study engineering in Germany, and every year these numbers have only been increasing. Read more

How can you improve your profile through research work?

What is profile building?

Universities abroad follow a holistic approach to admissions as opposed to Indian universities which conduct an entrance exam to judge the potential of the students applying. As pursuing higher studies abroad gains pace, with increasing competition, showcasing a strong profile becomes vital. Read more

What is a work placement year and how to get it?

A work placement year is usually spent gaining valuable work/industrial experience during your term at the university. It may be a compulsory element of your curriculum and you could be required to complete it in the middle of your second and final year at university during a sandwich course. You may be assessed and get credit for the year in the industry too. Read more

F-1 Visa Update: New DHS and ICE Policy Rescinded

In what comes as a major relief to international students taking university classes online, Trump administration has reversed the July 6, 2020 rule which strong-armed universities to open and forced international students on F-1 visas to return to US, amid rising coronavirus cases. Read more

What is the US Government’s New Policy on International Students, and How Does it Affect Me?

The United States has long been an attractive international student destination. International students are a key source of funding for both private and state universities. At some universities, international students account for a third of the student body at the undergraduate level, while at the graduate level, they represent the majority of students. More than a million international students were issued visas to study in the United States in 2019. Read more

ETS Introduces TOEFL Online Test at Home from April 2

Starting April 2, 2020, ETS is providing at-home online testing of TOEFL. This test will be known as TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition. It will be similar in terms of content, structure and on-screen experience to the regular internet-based TOEFL. The testing will be proctored remotely through a separate software, ProctorU, that students will need to install before starting the test. Read more

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