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Couple Years Experience: Can you Get a Job Abroad?

Chances are you’ve followed the traditional route to success so far. You’ve studied at a prestigious university, got a degree, and bagged your dream job. But at this stage if you’re looking for a personal and professional challenge you might want set your sights abroad. Read more

Ways to figure out your next career move?

India’s home to the largest labour pool in the world, but it’s a deeply dissatisfied lot. Nearly 60% of employees are dissatisfied with the current jobs and 80% are looking for some sort of change in the coming years, according to research by TimesJobs. Read more

Working Abroad: Countries with Best Job Opportunities

If you’ve graduated recently, working abroad may be the best experience you could hope for. A lot of countries are looking to boost the number of graduates in their population. Some even offer permanent residency outright.

Broadly speaking, your ability to get a job abroad depends on your experience and field of study. Your language skills and ability to support yourself also play a key role. But consider this a general guide to a job abroad: Read more

What are Job Prospects in India after MS Abroad?

What are job prospects after MS Abroad in India? We have seen one question asked again and again. Many students want to come back to India in the short to medium term, and they are, of course, anxious to know about their prospects of landing a great job in India if they have a good graduate degree abroad. Read more

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