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Top Universities Accepting GRE Scores: Programs, Cut-off, and Ranking

Is GRE easier than GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT?  Yes. Can you target just as good universities with GRE? Also, yes. That’s right, GRE is smart people’s token to top universities and is taken by students who wish to take admission into various master’s and doctoral degree programs in different universities around the world. Read more

What are the chances of getting a scholarship for Master’s in the US?

High out-of-state tuition is a painful reality of studying in the US and the cost of living there is not a relief either. But this doesn’t mean you need to give up on that American Dream. Fortunately, there are several scholarship opportunities available in the country for international students that can help lessen this cost burden to a great extent.  Almost all universities in the US have scholarship programs, a majority of which are open to applications from international students. There are many parameters on which scholarships in the US are awarded, such as academic merit, financial need, extracurricular contribution, etc. Most of the scholarships have a broad range of criteria for eligibility and tend to provide either full or partial funding. In this article, we intend to help you pick the scholarship that is right for you and evaluate your chances of getting one. Shall we? Read more

Head to any of these 8 countries for pursuing your PhD abroad in 2022!

PhD often tends to be the last bastion that you would want to conquer in your professional journey and hence it becomes all the more crucial that you choose the destination to pursue your doctorate wisely. This choice would majorly depend on your financial situation, area of interest, research infrastructure, programs offered, and so on. Read more

Top 25 Colleges with Rolling Admissions

Did you miss the admissions game this year? Or did your regular admission decisions go awry? Or maybe you’re just not so sure about being accepted, whatever might be the case Rolling Admissions is the answer you’ve been looking for! So, let us find out what are rolling admissions and how can it be the solution for so many different problems, shall we? Read more

Is It Worth Pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy from Europe?

If you aspire to have a career that makes a difference in society, public sector work can be ideal for you. A Master’s in Public Policy, therefore, shall be the natural next step in your journey. The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a 1–2-year program that maintains a structured approach towards learning about public policies, regulations, and executive, legislative and administrative processes. Read more

How hard is the GRE, really?

Are you planning to take GRE? Are you worried it is going to be difficult? Well, one thing is for sure, at the end of your test prep you will have the vocabulary to win the Spelling Bee!

As you might already know Graduate Record Examination or GRE is an advanced admission test meant for both business school programs as well as graduate school programs. Read more

Top 20 universities for studying FAME courses in Germany

Unsurprisingly, FAME courses have been steadily gaining popularity. The name itself kind of gives that away. Organizations across the globe now acknowledge the importance of business and finance courses and offer incredible career prospects to FAME graduates from good universities. Moreover, students find these courses exciting and enriching as they inter-relate its constituents – finance, accounting, management and economics.  In the contemporary landscape, these four subjects have emerged as some of the most influential fields of study at both graduate and postgraduate levels in business schools and universities present in different parts of the world, including Germany. Read more

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