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All about Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Germany

It’s hard to think about Germany and somehow manage to miss out pretzels, cars and engineering universities. That’s because Germany has made its place among the most sought-after country for a career in engineering globally. Students aspiring for a career in engineering have got their heart set on Germany across the globe. Based on the data collected from last year, 37% of international students’ study engineering in Germany, and every year these numbers have only been increasing. Read more

14 Best Masters in Advertising and Public Relations

If there was a directory for world’s coolest jobs, Media, Public Relations and Advertising would bag them all, that is of course when travel blogging is left out. And a degree in advertising and public relations abroad is an exhilarating mix of them! Read more

Applying to multiple masters programs in the same university? Let’s weigh the pros and cons!

If you are planning to apply for a Master’s degree abroad, you may find your profile a good fit for a number of programs at the same university, at times even within the same department – think MS Data Science vs MS Computer Science or MS Geology vs MS Geophysics. Even the same Masters program may offer two types of degrees, one is thesis-based, and the other is non-thesis based. Whatever the case, there might be a million questions that crop up in your mind before you apply to an MS program abroad. You might have questions regarding the skills that you would require and the scope that you have in your future. Before you delve deeper into it, let us first check out the top 4 things that you should consider before choosing the subjects that you want to pursue a Master’s degree in. Read more

What is the scope for pursuing a Masters in Public Policy?

If you live by the philosophy that actions speak louder than words, Public Policy is your thing. If you are more of a doer, Public Policy is for you too. If you want to bring change by implementing decisive changes in governance, Public Policy is definitely for you. It is a discipline that trains individuals to become lawmakers, policymakers, researchers, government servants and professionals in the social welfare sector. Students learn essential quantitative and qualitative skills required to identify unaddressed issues and explore ways to solve problems, from policy formulation in a governmental framework to its implementation. This happens by combining theoretical aspects and practical fieldwork. Public Policy prepares people to work in ancillary fields such as journalism, management, human resources and academics. Read more

Top 20 affordable online Masters in US

There’s no doubt that a Master’s degree helps in advancing your career. Job prospects, salaries and career opportunities are way better for a Master’s degree holder vis-à-vis those who have a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. The unemployment rate after a Master’s is very low at 2%, while it is 3.7% for a high school diploma and 2.2% for a bachelor’s degree in US. Read more

What is the scope for MS in Industrial Engineering?

Do you learn best through hands-on projects? Is the application of engineering concepts and skills to promote efficient practices your forte? Are you a natural at creating workflows with maximum efficiency and minimum wastage? Well, then, this is one post that you should read till the end. Keep an eye out for Master of Science in Industrial Engineering or the MSIE programs that incorporate knowledge and practice with innovative workplace experience. Read more

How to become an astrophysicist after Class 12

If your interests revolve around the mysterious world of planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter and celestial objects, astrophysics is your calling. As an astrophysicist, your job involves applying the laws of physics and chemistry to understand the universe-related phenomenon and formulate theories about the properties of small and medium-sized structures in this universe. The branch of science is interrelated to cosmology and astronomy and in the course of study, lines often become blurred. However, each is vastly different from the other. According to astrophysicists at NASA, tasks within the discipline can be sub-divided into three broad areas: how the universe functions, origin and evolutionary journey of galaxies, and potential of other stars to sustain life. Read more

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