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Specialized MBA vs General MBA – Which is better in the post-COVID world?

Who would’ve thought that the 21st century would see a pandemic, right? With advanced healthcare, increased life spans and an overall advancement in technology, it’s surprising that a tiny virus could cause such global chaos. However, on this dark cloud, there’s a faint silver lining for MBA students. GMAC’s recent corporate survey states that 89% of employers are planning to hire MBA graduates. This number dipped to 77% during the second wave of the lockdown, scaring off a lot of potential students. So now you know that an MBA is still very much in demand, and pursuing one right now will definitely give you an edge. Read more

What Are The Extracurriculars That Can Get You an IIM?

IIMs are among the oldest B-schools in the country and have put India on the map for producing the best and brightest management professionals. Did you know? The first IIM is one of the oldest B-schools in India, it was established almost 60 years ago. Since then, many IIM’s have popped up in the country, with IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore even beating IIM-C in the national rankings. It’s a dream come true for every Indian MBA aspirant to be associated with one of these age-old brands. The traditional way in is through CAT where the competition is fierce, but the good news is that almost all top IIMs accept GMAT scores too. Read more

What is the Scope of a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering?

Did you know? If the aviation industry were a country, its GDP would be at 17th place worldwide. Air transport is a vital part of the world, and for this reason, it is a $3.5 trillion industry today. What’s more? It is expected to be over $6 trillion by 2040. Read more

What to Do When Your Dream School Defers Your Application?

Are you a high school student pining after a particular undergraduate college abroad? If that is the case, you have an advantage. Early applications are a great way to get your name known among the admissions committees of your top choice colleges. It also might give you a higher chance of acceptance as relatively lesser people apply. And if you do get in, you can stop stressing about the university and focus on your high school curriculum. But first, let’s look at the two kinds of early admission processes. Read more

What is the Scope of BS in Marine Engineering from US?

Did you know? Almost 90% of the world’s shipping happens through the sea. You’d think that with the advent of globalization, imports and exports would mostly happen through air. However, that’s far from the truth. Only about 10% of commercial goods are transported by road, rail and air combined. Moreover, with most international air routes being restricted due to the coronavirus, goods transported through the sea might now be well over 90%. This brings us to our topic, marine engineers – the force behind international trade and transport. Read more

The Best MBA Scholarships in the US and How to Get Them!

Management is an indispensable part of every organization, while the technical expertise is the brain of a company, management is the heart. And, for this reason, an MBA is one of the most popularly sought out degrees worldwide. So, if you want to play in the big leagues and transform your career from an employee to an employer, this professional degree is your ticket. But it’s not that simple though, the competition for an MBA is fierce, and even more so if you want one from a top school. Universities use this to their advantage to pick out the best and brightest of the lot. Read more

How to Switch Fields After a Bachelor’s Degree

Did it take you some years of studying to figure out you didn’t like your major? Or did you find a subject which fascinated you so much that it’s become your dream job now? Whatever be the case, there are tons of people like you who aren’t sure about the field they’ve studied in, and are looking for a ticket to switch their career paths. In fact, most people don’t end up working in the exact field of their bachelor’s degree at all. Read more

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