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What do MBA Colleges Look for in a Student’s Application? (2018-19)

Have you wondered what exactly college selection committees look at when considering potential applicants?
Have you decided against applying to the college of your dreams because you do not believe you qualify?
Do you know whether or not your GMAT score stacks up, or what bearing it has on your admission? Read more

Changes in the GMAT – How to tackle these changes (2018)

  • What are the changes to the GMAT exam (effective April 16, 2018)?
  • How do these changes affect examination takers?

Curious? Anxious?

Don’t worry! We’re here to explain the how and why of recent GMAT changes!

To begin with, it’s important to remember that all changes to the GMAT are designed and implemented keeping in mind one important factor – reduced stress for exam takers. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more! Read more

5 Things to Know About the Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management has many distinctions to its credit – one of the two top business schools in the Midwest, the only top business school in the US to have a woman as Dean, the best part-time/executive program around…the list of things that are special goes on and on. Read more

How big will your network be post an MBA abroad?

One of the biggest reasons why the best and brightest young people from across the world want to earn an MBA from the top Business Schools in the world – HBS, GSB, INSEAD, etc. – is because of the limitless networking opportunities it opens up. We often hear about these networks, and about how they can transform the professional life of the individuals who are lucky enough to be parts of them. But what exactly are these about, and why are they so powerful? Read more

The Interview With Your Dream Business School

The interview with your dream Business School might be just 20 minutes long, but you will spend anxious months preparing for it, as will hundreds of other bright, motivated young people across the world. Unless you have access to the very best coaching, you might not be able to prepare in the best possible way; most people will tell you that you need to practice a list of questions, and be polite to the interviewer, and try to talk about your achievements in detail. Read more

Rendezvous with Amsterdam Business School

One of Europe’s major comprehensive universities. 3000 students, 130 faculty of which 46% non-Dutch with 28 different nationalities. Promoting excellence and leadership in all business areas. Truly international in research, curriculum, staff and students. Read more

Financing your MBA abroad

Again and again, we hear about how expensive MBA programs abroad are: the numbers are quoted time and time again, by aspirant and their relatives alike. And we agree that the amounts are hefty, and that they should in no way be taken lightly.

But we also know that, in our experience, it’s been the most worthwhile investment that our students have ever made in their lives. Without exception, people have come back from the top schools and told us that it made sense. The same people often sat with us a few years previously, and we pored over scholarship tables together. Read more

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