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8 Ways to Make your Work experience stand out among other US MBA Applications – Part 4

Always ask yourself, at the end of any section of Professional Experience, if something that you did was in the Top 1%.To be distinctive, it is always best to aim for the stars. After anything that you write about your work experience, review it after you are done writing it – but apply the filter of distinctiveness. If a certain part of what you did was ̈exceptional; if only 1% of people could have / would have done it, highlight that. Read more

8 Ways to Make your Work experience stand out among other US MBA Applications – Part 3

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to talking about recognition within a professional achievement section is to write down the name of an award, and stop before explaining it. This is a mistake that is easy to understand – after all, for the person who got the award, it is extremely special, and the very name comes with all the positive emotional baggage. However, to the person at the other end, the mere name of the award means nothing, and is usually enough to discount the entire line or section in which it appears. Read more

8 Ways to Make your Work experience stand out among other US MBA Applications – Part 2

Showcase Diversity in Professional Experience without giving the impression that you have tried too many things because of INDECISION. Of course, you would like to showcase all your diverse experience – all the full time jobs you have held, all the entrepreneurial activities that you have led, all the social impact work you have done and all the extra-curricular work that makes you a more rounded character. Read more

8 Ways to Make your Work experience stand out among other US MBA Applications – Part 1

If we were to ask a hundred MBA aspirants about what felt the most critical portion of their application was, we would expect some of them to talk about the essays, some about the letters of recommendation, some about the one page resume, and some about the overall package. Very few would identify the huge role played by work experience, because it does not seem like much – after all, many think that it is something that is in the past, something that has to be chronicled baldly in an application. Many feel that it cannot make a difference. Read more

The MBA is a Predictable Path to Career Success

The MBA degree has proven to be a secure path to career success and financial stability, especially in times of uncertainty. Top corporate executives highlight that MBA graduates are trained to transform uncertainty into opportunity.

We live in uncertain times with crises caused by doubtful government policies, wars, bad financial management and continuous volatility in the commodity and stock exchange markets. Uncertainty is stressful. It invokes fear and drags people and corporations outside their comfort zones. In many cases, it is classified as a negative life event, either personal or business. But as with everything, there is another side to the coin. Uncertainty may be both a challenge and an opportunity. Read more

Everything About MBA: Masters of Business Administration

School pass outs or college graduates aspire to take up the Masters of Business Administration course considering the promising career it offers. However, from a distance, they often find it tough to evaluate reasons for which they should take up the MBA, from where to pursue, in which paper to specialize and so on. Read more

US Admission Seasons: Everything You Need to Know

The entire higher education system in the US is very different – primarily, more flexible – than systems that we are used to. One key point of difference is in intake: the vast majority of US universities allow candidates to join at two different times of year: one in fall, and one in spring. In this detailed guide, Jamboree discusses everything you need to know about these Admission Seasons: we cover the facts briefly, and then break down the key differences, and try to put you in a place where you can make an informed choice between Fall and Spring. Read more

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