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University or College: What is the Difference

In common parlance, we often use the words ‘university’ or ‘college’ interchangeably, not really realising the difference between the two. While in India, the UGC confers the term ‘university’ to an educational body that meets certain requirements, in the US, there is no such centralized educational regulatory body. Read more

How to Improve Your Vocabulary

Reading comprehensions are so taxing, have you ever felt that way? A large majority of Indian students struggle with reading comprehension, and even, sentence completion due to the fact that their vocabulary is not at par with the native English speakers. This disparity is exactly why a student should focus on improving his or her vocabulary. If you haven’t been an avid or consistent reader, developing your vocabulary from scratch is a strenuous and cumbersome task. Your vocabulary is simply the ‘collection of words and it’s associated meanings that you can remember’. Contrary to popular opinion, vocabulary building is fun and can be an extremely enjoyable process. Let us look at a few tips that will help you enhance your repertoire of words: Read more

Self Preparation for GMAT

The GMAT is a challenging, yet intriguing examination that tests your logical, reasoning, and your analytical skills. The process of preparing for the GMAT can sometimes be an arduous one. Have you ever thought about why only a handful of students are able to drastically improve their test scores? The variation in scores is primarily due to the differences in methods of preparation between the two groups. As a student, both the self-preparation for the GMAT and tutoring are important. Apart from the basic preparation methodologies, a student needs to engage in a stagewise and a periodical analysis to find out where he or she stands on the ladder to a better final score. Read more

Germany Student Visa Application – Document Required & Things to Keep in Mind

Do you dream of studying in one of the most advanced countries in the world? With its state of the art infrastructure, astounding architecture, high-standards of education and breathtaking engineering, Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for students all over the world and offers a good scope in career growth. Read more

GMAT: Tips to follow on the exam day

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a test that simply assesses your ability to think and interpret information quickly. The test accurately measures your focus levels by keeping your mind active for a 3.5 hour period. It, therefore, becomes a test of your endurance. With four sections: Verbal, Quants, Integrated Reasoning and the Analytical Writing Assessment, the GMAT efficiently tests your reasoning, language and analytical skills. Read more

Time Management Tips for GMAT – How to effectively manage your exam preparation

Are you a student, a working professional or someone just studying for entrance exams? Whatever the answer to the above question is, the inevitable fact is that one must be very efficient in their preparation-time management. A key aspect that is ignored by a lot of test-takers is the fact that consistent effort is required to score well on the GMAT. The test takers come from different backgrounds, but prudence in the amount of time you spend every day will enable you to ‘work-smartly’ and ultimately, reach your desired score. Read more

Effective Test Strategy for GMAT

If you are a GMAT student or have taken the test earlier, you will quickly realize that the examination is about endurance, as much as it is about skill. The exam teaches you to be sharp, dedicated and focused. All your skills are tested during a small 3.5-hour window, and therefore, the importance of an effective test-taking strategy cannot be undermined. Read more

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