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Study in Australia

A Quick Guide to Pursuing College Studies in Oz

Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination, after US and UK, for international students. This English-speaking continent-country boasts of some of the world’s best facilities and educators providing students with a range of quality study options through its 1,100 academic institutions. Australia also has a sizeable Indian diaspora that is growing with 60,062 Indian students taking a flight to down under in 2017-18. Read more

Explore TU9 Universities in Germany

Germany has always been a top destination for technical education. This is because it is home to world-class universities offering cutting-edge programs and research opportunities to students from around the world. Check out 8 Reasons to Choose Germany for Your College Studies. Read more

How to Register for the GMAT

The leaders of tomorrow take the GMAT today, to get into the best business schools in the world. The essential first step is to register for the GMAT; this is a simple process, that we have outlined below.

This piece will focus on how to register for the GMAT online; one can also register over the phone or via conventional mail, but these are both more expensive and more time consuming than registering for the GMAT online. Read more

Return on Investment: GMAT and MBA

The GMAT is the first step on your journey to a dream MBA, and opens up a whole world of possibilities. However, there are investments of time and money involved, and you must ask yourself the one question every MBA should always ask: Do the returns justify the investments I am making? Read more

6 Facts About Life at Wharton

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania was the first Business School in the USA, and continues to be in the top 0.1% of Business Schools – whether graduate or undergraduate – in the world. So what is it about life at Wharton that produces one of the most committed alumni pools in the world? Here’s a closer look: Read more

6 Facts About Life at INSEAD

INSEAD is the global business school in the future. Spanning one year, three countries, hundreds of cultures, and thousands of learning tools, your INSEAD experience will definitely be like no other.

Here are a few things that set INSEAD apart:

There is true global exposure

INSEAD now has three campuses – in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Students often rotate among the campuses, and the impact is huge. The very fact that you are given an in-depth look at three of the most vibrant economies in the world today is eye-opening. In addition, looking closely at three different ways of doing business is something that will make you a truly global business leader. Not to mention, a very happy tourist, as well! Read more

Study in Germany : 8 Reasons to Choose Germany for Your College Studies

Universities, courses, cost of living, visa, jobs and more!

Germany is a name that is synonymous with innovation. Contact lens, airbags, X-rays, MP3, glue stick…Germany’s contribution to making our day to day life simpler goes on and on. In consonance with its zero-emission mobility vision by 2030, the country aims to become the lead market and provider for electric mobility. That’s good news for electrical, chemical, ICT and allied sectors and great news for prospective job seekers, many of whom are international students. Read more

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