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Top 15 MIM programs in Europe to look out for in 2021

Are you just over 23 years with little or no prior work experience? If yes, you might want to consider a Master in Management (MIM). For most, the term ‘management’ typically triggers either fight or flight. But what if there is another response? One that welcomes you with open arms. All you need is a deep-rooted passion for kickstarting your career. Here is a guide of the top 15 MIM programs in Europe to look out for in 2021 and beyond. Read more

What is the scope of doing MIM from France?

France is an attractive option for further studies due to its welcoming culture, great food, irreplaceable wine and cheese and irresistible music, people, language and last but not the least, the Eiffel Tower. In addition to the above, France has 1200+ study programs delivered in English, low fees and also the longest stay back, making it a great study destination for international students. Read more

Top B-schools for pursuing MIM in Canada

In recent years, Canada has made its mark in the world for its top-class education. It is one of the best study-abroad destinations and is home to more than half a million international students. Wondering why? Studying in Canada has a ton of benefits, with ROI being one of the most striking ones. The average tuition fee here is way lesser than its neighbour south of the border, the USA. Moreover, this scenic country has a significant number of the world’s top 100 schools, especially in the management field. Read more

What is MiM & Should You Consider it Over an MBA?

Shruti is a 24-year-old IT engineer with two years of automation testing experience. She wants to switch to a management role now. However, she’s confused. Should she go for an MBA or an MiM?

Abhay is a Manager- Corporate Finance at a leading business conglomerate. He has work experience of almost 8 years but finds that he has hit the glass ceiling in terms of pay and promotion. He wants to scale up in a major way, but fears that he has been out of touch with studies for too long. Should he go for an MBA or a MiM? Read more