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F-1 Visa Update: New DHS and ICE Policy Rescinded

In what comes as a major relief to international students taking university classes online, Trump administration has reversed the July 6, 2020 rule which strong-armed universities to open and forced international students on F-1 visas to return to US, amid rising coronavirus cases. Read more

What is the US Government’s New Policy on International Students, and How Does it Affect Me?

The United States has long been an attractive international student destination. International students are a key source of funding for both private and state universities. At some universities, international students account for a third of the student body at the undergraduate level, while at the graduate level, they represent the majority of students. More than a million international students were issued visas to study in the United States in 2019. Read more

Study in Germany: Top Bachelor’s Programs that Don’t Need You to Know German

Did you know that Fanta was invented in Germany? Not just Fanta, though, this is also the country that introduced us to luxury car brands like Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche. The Germans are responsible for an awful lot of things, ranging from automobiles to bicycles, from games to gummy bears, and even from computers to contact lenses. Germany remains associated with inventions and ideas since time immemorial and even now is a country of excellence. For this very reason, Germany is a great choice for higher education, especially for its technical and R&D programs. Read more

Trump’s Proclamation: What it Means for Indian Students Wanting to Study and Work in the US

It is no secret that Indian minds bring important skill sets, bridge technological gaps and impart a competitive edge to the US economy. Every year, US tech-industry giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others employ thousands of Indian students by sponsoring their H1-B visas so that they can stay and work in the US after graduating from universities located there. Read more

Why are Personality Tests Important Before Starting College?

A lot of students end up in limbo for months trying to figure out what career would be their best fit and what higher education program would get them to that career. They are often confused about which bachelors program to pursue after high school. We have all been there! A relatively easy and reliable solution to this situation is to take specific tests and find out. Personality assessment, also known as psychometric assessment, has been gaining popularity as a reliable solution to the crucial question – What after 12th? Read more

Interesting Facts About Rice University

The southern state of Texas in the USA has more to it than just cowboys and barbecues. The city of Houston has a small private university known for its spectacular science and engineering programs. Rice University has been around for over a century and it is now one of the best research universities in the world. The students here are strict believers of the motto “work hard, play hard”. Read on to know 8 more interesting facts about Rice University. Read more

7 Reasons You Would Want to Go to Columbia University

The largest state of the United States, New York City has more to offer than just The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. In the famously artistic upper west side of this state, there’s a cozy little Ivy. Columbia University is one of the most significant research universities in the world and has been around for over 250 years, making it the 5th oldest higher education institution in the US. Here are 7 interesting facts about the oldest university in New York City – Columbia! Read more

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