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Be honest with yourself regarding your profile

“If you are an engineer, for you GRE-level math should be pretty easy. But that doesn’t mean that you take it lightly,” says Sania Nephade, an MKSSSC College of Engineering grad from Pune. She explains: “It was something that I did and later, I realised I shouldn’t have! So you can get a higher score in quant because that is your strength. Read more

You’re not really competing with anyone but yourself

“In a global corporate set-up, customer experience and design thinking mostly comes from the West, whereas transactional and commercial expertise is going to come out of China and India. Hence, there is a need to marry both,” says Kumar Bivudh from Gurgaon, when asked about his inspiration to pursue an MBA. Read more

Seek help if you lack the discipline to prepare

“I’ve always been interested in research,” says Sukriti Verma, a Delhi Technological University graduate. “But the professors around me didn’t really promote it as much as I would’ve liked,” she continues. Sukriti keenly follows research activities at universities and research labs around the world. That is the primary motivation for her to study abroad. Read more

The Curious Case of Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah was in a fix. In January 2018, he gave himself a month to prepare for and clear the GMAT. He wanted to join Fall ’18 session. But no institute was willing to guide him. ‘Impossible!’ ‘This is madness!’ was most institutes’ incredulous reply. Read more

When Coding Calls: The Story of a Whiz Kid

A computer engineer by choice and a poet by heart, Shubhangi Raj has always believed that the pursuit of knowledge is more important than the pursuit of marks. With several remarkable achievements at school—distinctive performance in science and maths Olympiads, winning in inter-school chess competition, developing a robot to win a robotics competition, learning and mastering SQL, winning 6 consecutive scholar badges—this studious teenager from Mumbai has always been fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, internet-connected devices, crowdsourcing, robotics, nanotechnology and cloud computing. Read more

Switching Careers: From Telecom Engineering to Financial Management

“I always believe in continuous improvement,” says Subrat Gupta, when asked about his motivation to pursue an MBA. He continues, “MBA allows you to come into contact with people from different backgrounds and different perspectives. This helps you become a better person!” Read more

On a journey to change the world, one goal at a time!

A tryst as a management trainee with Coal India helped Anant V. Singh develop an abiding interest in economics and managerial side of things in the mining industry. The IIT Dhanbad grad then joined BRAMCO in Bahrain making rapid strides in his career, from management trainee to production engineer to assistant manager, all in just 2 years. Read more

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