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How to get Internships and Co-op programs while you study in Canada?

How does Co-op work in Canada? Are Co-op programs in Canada paid? Or is the Co-op program worth it? It’s about time we answer all your questions about Co-op programs in Canada that you are so busily scanning quora for. Shall we?

What are Co-op Programs?

A co-op program or co-operative education is a program where you can work in any industry in your area of study. While you gain program-related, real-world work experience, you also get paid for your work. Additionally, a co-op can also help you decide what career you may wish to pursue and increases your chances of landing your dream job as a graduate. Co-op programs are generally structured in alternating semesters of study and work. Read more

What is a low GRE score and how to tackle it?

The GRE is the test of choice for thousands of universities abroad, whether you’re looking into STEM programs or even some management ones. This computer-adaptive test assesses your Quantitative and Verbal reasoning to pin your place among thousands of applications. Did you know? Every year about 80,000 students take the GRE from India alone, that’s quite a bit of competition, and you need a decent percentile to get ahead. But, say you’ve taken the test and ended up with not-so-great a score, what then? Read more

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Online Prep Classes During this Quarantine Period

Keep your registered e-mail id open and accessible

Your registered e-mail id is your primary source of contact with us. When you enroll at Jamboree, we send you your student portal link on it. Through your unique student portal, you can get access to batch schedule, study material, practice tests, test results & analysis, student forum and a lot of other information.

  • Use the link sent on your registered e-mail id for joining classes

    Your verbal classes are accessible directly by clicking on the link attached in the e-mails that are sent to you regularly. For Math classes, you can click on batch schedule and then copy-paste the link on your browser. Read more

  • Ways to Finance Studies Abroad

    Education abroad is recognized for what it is: the #1 most powerful tool for anyone to take their career to the next level. With this recognition comes a higher cost as well. Since you are looking to get the best education on the planet, you will need to pay that cost. Read more

    Myths About Education Abroad

    Education abroad is a goal that many of the most talented students and professionals in India share. As such, this goal is one that requires a large number of steps to achieve, and you have to make sure your grades are good, that your professional experience (internships and work) is strong, that you have a few recommenders in place, that you get help from experts on your essays and application, and that you keep deadlines for your carefully selected universities in mind. Read more

    How to Get the Most Out of Online Classes at Jamboree

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. That is why we at Jamboree are offering online live classes to all students, including the ones presently enrolled at our classroom courses. These classes are exactly similar to our classroom program and cover the A to Z of your exam preparation. Whether you have decided to prepare for SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS, you can enrol and attend live classes at the safety and comfort of your home. Read more

    MBA v_s Master’s

    You have decided to work towards a graduate degree, in one of the world’s top universities. Fantastic!

    But it’s never quite as simple as that. When you look more closely at the words “graduate degree”, you are not sure whether you should opt for an MBA or an MS or an MA or…the list goes on. Read more

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