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Flaws in Indian Education System

There are many Indian colleges, and many millions of students study in them. Their quality is vital to India’s education system and its overall success or failure.

Sadly, the Indian college education system has many flaws – large and small – and these flaws cause Indian universities to lag behind their foreign counterparts. Read more

Post-college Education Options

Once you have completed an undergraduate degree, you have many options: jobs, higher education, and many others. It is your duty to yourself and to your potential to choose the best possible next course of action. Investing in your own education even after going to college for your Bachelor’s degree is always wise. Read more

Post-school education options

If you are on the verge of completing your school studies, or if you have wrapped up and are looking at your next steps, you would have asked yourself the following question many times: What do I do next? This is not an easy question to answer, because the world lies before you: you can study anything, do anything, be anything. Of course, you want to choose the path that leads you to career success, and to the full realization of your potential. Read more

Post College: Job v/s Education Trade-Off

Almost every respected professional in the world has faced a very old, very difficult question.

Should you take up a job right after your undergrad, and keep working indefinitely, or should you aim to study further, and put in the work needed to qualify for the best higher education programs in the world? Read more

How to Get a $10 Discount on TOEFL Test Fee While Filling in the TOEFL Form

We, at Jamboree, love to keep things simple. Right from our famed teaching methodology to our unparalleled admissions counseling support, everything is beautifully streamlined so that your entire study abroad experience with us is as hassle-free as possible. Read more

On the Path to Achieving a Noble Goal!

Adventure enthusiast and an ardent Harry Potter fan, Swati Srivastava, is a multi-talented individual with interests in photography, travelling, origami and yoga. This spirited young lady with 5+ years of work experience as a senior software engineer and team lead in Infosys, decided to pursue an MBA to fulfill her goals of being a credit analyst in a multi-national commercial bank and eventually establishing a micro-lending firm back home. Read more

Ain’t No Dream Too Big, Ain’t No Dreamer Too Small!

With a long-cherished dream of studying aerospace engineering, Prachi Tomar, a student of Queen Mary’s School, New Delhi, set about preparing for college studies in the US at a very young age. “I wasn’t really sure as to how I would get there and how I would go through all the process, the paperwork,” says Prachi. “A friend who was already preparing for the SAT recommended Jamboree to me,” she continues. Read more

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