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All About Brown University’s Video Portfolio

Brown University is one of the most valued research institutions in the world. It is a member of the famed Ivy League and is an extremely sought-after college by international students, whether in humanities, life science, physical sciences or social sciences. As a university of such standing, it doesn’t surprise that Brown University has one of the most competitive and rigorous admission procedures. And a new inclusion to this process is the video portfolio. Recently, Brown University went a step ahead and made their application process more challenging yet enjoyable. They included space for potential students to submit a 2-minute personal video portfolio alongside academic test scores, standard application sections, statement of purpose and all such formal documents. The objective is two-fold. A video portfolio makes it easier for tutors to get a glimpse into the applicant’s life and background and allows the student to convey thoughts more creatively. A creative video portfolio goes a long way into building an impressive profile and establishing a closer relationship with the admissions committee members. Read more

11 careers in nutrition and wellness after class 12

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us have much more on our plates than we can handle. We scarcely get any leisure time to relax and unwind. This has adversely affected our lifestyle and eating habits and made us prone to various ailments. Consequently there is a high demand for professionals specializing in nutrition and wellness. Read more

Top 10 undergraduate pathway programs in the US, UK, and Canada

The demand for higher education abroad is at an all-time high for the past few years among students, and it is predicted to increase steadily. Every year, there are thousands of students competing for a spot in good universities abroad, but some are rejected as their application may not be strong enough. Read more

19 schools in India where APs are offered

AP stands for Advanced Placement. This is a program that will help high school students take various college-level courses before joining college abroad. This will help these students in earning credits while they are still in school. If a student pursues an AP course and then takes the corresponding AP exam, it demonstrates very high academic drive and learning potential. Read more

What is Model United Nations? How can I participate in it?

Model United Nations, popularly known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. It is a place where students from different countries come together to play the role of delegates. They will also try to solve real-world issues and problems that we are currently facing through their appointed countries’ policies and perspectives. Read more

Good at humanities? These 7 careers could be perfect for you!

Does trying to balance chemical equations leave you pretty unbalanced for a while? Or the thought of solving a physics numerical has your head swinging in oscillatory motion? And when all these concepts get too complicated to grasp, literature, art, or history is what keeps your otherwise rolling head sane. If you find yourself breezing through these subjects without a dent, you know that humanities is what you excel at! But you also wonder if you will have limited career opportunities in humanities. Read more

How to become an astrophysicist after Class 12

If your interests revolve around the mysterious world of planets, galaxies, black holes, dark matter and celestial objects, astrophysics is your calling. As an astrophysicist, your job involves applying the laws of physics and chemistry to understand the universe-related phenomenon and formulate theories about the properties of small and medium-sized structures in this universe. The branch of science is interrelated to cosmology and astronomy and in the course of study, lines often become blurred. However, each is vastly different from the other. According to astrophysicists at NASA, tasks within the discipline can be sub-divided into three broad areas: how the universe functions, origin and evolutionary journey of galaxies, and potential of other stars to sustain life. Read more

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