For Mumbai University’s grad, Gauri Korday, joining the family business of manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations was a given from the start. It helped this young Mechanical Engineer develop a cross-functional skill set—handling shop floor production, helping technicians design new products, automating processes and managing the entire supply chain.

But this charismatic intrapreneur also harboured a vision and a plan—that of taking her family business to great heights while working in the marketing division of a global pharmaceutical company. The idea was to gain experience in crucial areas of direct marketing and product distribution. Bonus points if she could develop a network with importers, distributors, marketing companies and retail chains in the pharmaceutical sector. This would eventually help her expand her family business globally.

So she took the GMAT and made it to London Business School. She hopes that LBS, with its top-notch curriculum, student diversity and numerous opportunities will be a transformative experience. Happy learning your tricks of the trade, Gauri!