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Good at Math? These 7 careers could be perfect for you!

Good at Math? These 7 careers could be perfect for you!

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Math. This tiny, four-letter word divides the entire spectrum of students into two categories: the ones who cannot wait to give away their math textbooks for good and the ones who dream, eat and breathe numbers. If you’re the second kind, this blog is for you!

Being good at math is just not about performing rapid calculations. Studying math at a deeper level helps an individual inculcate invaluable skills like logical reasoning, critical thinking and quick problem-solving tactics. These are highly-valued qualities that organizations, irrespective of the sector, require in their employees. It doesn’t matter if this is a Fortune 500 company or a small non-profit organization. Every team requires members who can derive hard facts from a pile of data and understand the deeper trends in the trajectory of the organization.

In short, math is one of the most marketable subjects in academia and industry! If you’ve got an inclination towards the subject, why don’t you attempt to explore the following professions where math and its associated skills can be leveraged into achieving both work satisfaction and good paycheck:

1. Actuary

An actuary is responsible for evaluating the financial costs of risk. He/she studies the activities of the organization and analyses the possible outcomes associated with different monetary activities that the company undertakes. It is an excellent avenue for people who enjoy crunching numbers and leveraging them to solve problems on the largescale. Moreover, actuarial science is an extremely profitable career as every organization, regardless of their scale, invests heavily in risk management and mitigation. There are different kinds of actuaries: property, casualty, life insurance, health insurance, pension and retirement.

2. Data scientist

Data scientists examine large amounts of unstructured, loose data and extract invaluable conclusions that enable organizations to make decisions. The job requires a combination of statistics and machine learning. Some key responsibilities include locating data analytics problems that affect the company, determining the right data sets and variables and analysing the data to find patterns and possible tendencies. Such important facts are communicated to the stakeholders to enable them to make better decisions.

3. Aerospace Engineer

An exciting combination of math and science, aerospace engineers are employed in sectors that are concerned with the conception and production of spacecraft, aircraft, missiles and satellites. Often, they are engaged in high-profile projects involving the defence requirements of a country. The primary responsibilities of aerospace engineers encompass research and development, determining the cost of projects, structuring the timelines and working on new technologies.

3. Management Consultant

Management consultancy is a rising and lucrative profession. Such consultants must assist organizations in solving issues, attracting more business, adding value to the production process and optimize the growth potential. Their contribution can be in different spheres: e-commerce, supply chain, strategizing, operations and marketing. Those with an analytical eye enjoy this career and find themselves employed by big firms or even boutique firms that offer specialized services.

4. Biostatistician

If you enjoy fieldwork as well as numbers, biostatistician can be a fascinating field. Their job is to study data extracted from medical research and analyse them to draw useful conclusions. Moreover, such professionals work closely with scientists to ensure that research is conducted according to the highest standards of accuracy and ethics. The final destination is to ensure that the result of the experiment isn’t compromised and is free from bias. With more experience, biostatisticians can share their expertise with product developers and pharmaceutical companies.

5. Sound Engineer

Who said that math is only about dry data? If you’re great with numbers and patterns but have a creative soul, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by pursuing a career in sound. Broadly speaking, sound engineers are responsible for editing, mixing and mastering audio tracks. It is a highly technology-oriented field involving math, physics, top-notch mechanical skills and constant upgradation of skill in terms of keeping up with the latest software and techniques. Today, sound engineering is a flourishing field with talented individuals not only working with production houses, but also as independent artists and freelancers.

6. Professor

A time-tested and noble profession, academics is one of the most sought-after avenues for those interested in pursuing mathematics and perhaps opting for a doctorate. While many assume that instruction at school or university level is a comparatively easier and stress-free stream of work, teaching is one of the most demanding professions and keeps every individual involved on their toes. As a math professor, you will be expected to contribute to the syllabus, design lesson plans, evaluate your students and continuously produce new research to improve your academic standing.

7. Accountant

Although you need to undertake specialized training and obtain certifications to qualify as an accountant, those who like math have a definite lead when it comes to pursuing this profession. An accountant must guide enterprises in areas such as taxation, audit, finance, etc. Central responsibilities include looking after accounts and tax returns, regulating expenditure, evaluating accounts and identifying problem areas, suggesting investments that can provide savings and tax relief, predicting issues and making budgets and reports about the company’s financial health.

As a discipline, math is versatile and opens up several doors for those who wish to take it forward. Not only is it an excellent subject to study as a part of pure science, but also the qualities one develops through the process allow individuals to adapt themselves to other equally dynamic professions such as marketing, journalism and data analytics. So, if your calling is all about numbers, remember that the world is your oyster!

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