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Whether you are applying for MBA or any other MS course offered across a vast sea of graduate study programs at universities in US, one thing is for sure – you will be asked to provide your GRE scores. Also known as Graduate Record Examinations, GRE is a standardized test that assesses your competence in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

While a score of 320+ increases your prospects of securing admissions into top US universities, it is not the sole criteria considered when your college application is reviewed. High school and college GPAs, letters of recommendation, a strong statement of purpose, a solid portfolio of internships, or work experience in your chosen field, all these factors combine to decide your eligibility for any of the 4000+ colleges and universities. All these factors play a part in giving head start to your study in USA quest.

It could happen that your GRE score might not meet your expectations. You may not have been able to put dedicated effort because of time constraints or it simply wasn’t your day. Now you might feel like your wings have been clipped and wonder if you should bid goodbye to your study abroad dreams. Don’t lose hope. If your scores fall between 300 and 315, take a look at these ten good universities that you can safely apply to:


1.   Arizona State University
2.   Rochester Institute of Technology
3.   University of Illinois Chicago
4.   Oregon State University
5.   Georgia State University
6.   Stevens Institute of Technology
7.   University of Pittsburgh
8.   University of Central Florida
9.   Drexel University
10. West Virginia University

1. Arizona State University

One among the top 50 public universities in the USA, Arizona State University stays loyal to its ideals of prestigious academic standards and research opportunities. A public university of commendable reputation, more than 450 programs in business, law, fine arts, architecture, and engineering are offered across its four campuses based in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It ranks as the number 1 public university for innovation ahead of MIT and Stanford.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology has 78 undergraduate courses and 71 graduate programs. The main campus, situated in New York, offers STEM courses, humanities and social sciences, game design and development, or communication and digital media. The graduate programs in this institute pave the way for inclusive academic opportunities and impactful sustainability programs.

3. University of Illinois Chicago

If one thing truly sets the University of Illinois Chicago apart, the ethnic and cultural diversity continually reflected in the enrolments that throng its campus every year. The current US News rankings place it as the 46th best university. The 86 bachelor’s, 111 master’s and 66 doctoral programs are all dispensed by top-notch faculties in world-class environs.

4. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a public research university in the United States with more than 200 graduate degree programs to its name. It stands by experiential learning opportunities and innovative academic programs in forestry and marine sciences.

5. Georgia State University

If there is a university that combines rich diversity and quality education, Georgia State University is one of the first on the list. With its main campus in downtown Atlanta, it has more than 3000 international students from across the globe in the six campuses. An acclaimed research university in the US, you can choose from 250+ degree courses offered here.

6. Stevens Institute of Technology

Be it medicine, nanotech, finance, or artificial intelligence, Stevens Institute of Technology has built upon a legacy of delivering novel solutions and ideas in the broad realm of engineering for 150 years. This private research university’s engineering, business, management and science programs in New Jersey reflect a pedagogy that spans across different disciplines.

7. University of Pittsburgh

Placed 59th in National Universities US News ranking, the University of Pittsburgh is a public institution in Pennsylvania offering top-ranking courses in engineering and medicine. An innovative blending of liberal arts and avenues for excellent research is present in the 646 academic programs to students across the globe.

8. University of Central Florida

With more than 230-degree courses to choose from, this university is situated in the heart of Central Florida. Included in the top 10 innovative colleges by US News and World Report 2022, it exemplifies excellent academic and research potential in areas like healthcare, optics, and laser.

9. Drexel University

Bringing in comprehensive co-operative education programs every year, Drexel University makes room for experiential learning through its 200 academic programs. A leading research institute globally, community partnerships are tied to all its courses, from nursing to mechanical engineering.

10. West Virginia University

Founded in 1867, West Virginia University is an esteemed public institute in Morgantown. Whether in aerospace engineering, business cybersecurity management, or forensic science, around 219 graduate study programs are available every year. With an acceptance rate of 84 percent, the integration of leadership and academics at this university provides a holistic learning experience.

GRE cut-off scores might vary according to the criteria set by different universities. So, make sure the other elements of your application process are on par with the requirements set by your dream college to give you a more significant edge and increase your chances of getting accepted.

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