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What is the first thing that scares you from starting college mid-career? Most probably it is a bunch of 21-year-olds making you feel out of place. Even though this thought should never get in the way of your higher education there’s a program that skips this conversation altogether – MIT Sloan Fellows MBA

Having a difficult acceptance rate of 12 percent, MIT Sloan is renowned for ranking third amongst the most competitive schools in the United States. Their MBA program is among the classes with the maximum student enrolment in the nation. With more than four hundred students enrolled, some of the best minds in the future of business can surely find their place there.

Who can apply to Sloan Fellows Program?

The 12-month full-time program is aimed to reinvent your career. The selected cohort of 100 students comes from 40 different countries. Students are subject matter experts within their own fields with a minimum of 10 years of work experience. The talent density is impressive with each student bringing in their skills and knowledge.

The MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program is largely aimed at mid-career executives and puts major emphasis on innovation in practice and research.

Majorly, a global development program for leadership, this MBA course has been specially designed to prepare the group of international mid-career managers to augment their leadership skills. The MIT Sloan Fellows include experienced mid-career professionals and executives who have an average of 14 years of work experience.

The major program components of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program include:

• Curriculum Design: It has a customized curriculum that includes electives, core courses, team projects, as well as frank discussions with global leaders.

• Teamwork: Their motto is ‘No Fellow Leaves Behind’ and candidates get the opportunity to collaborate with peers belonging to around 40 nations to reach a better understanding of global issues, business, and leadership.

• Faculty: The candidates get the chance to work with a few of the biggest industry experts in regard to various issues that shape the modern marketplace.

• Research options: Candidates have to review their options when it comes to selecting whether or not to write a thesis.

• Action learning: Candidates get the chance to expand their perspective and experience of global leadership by getting to work on multidimensional projects.

How to get into MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program?

The selection of the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program is understandably very competitive, and applicants have to qualify for the stringent requirements concerning application criteria to get through it.

MIT Sloan fellows program application criteria include:

• Academic and GMAT/GRE requirements: An undergraduate degree and GMAT or GRE score shall be needed. The GRE/GMAT requirement can be waived off if an applicant has received a ‘B’ or better grade in the multiple university-level quantitative courses in finance, accounting, microeconomics, or even advanced math like statistics, calculus, and so on. The GRE or GMAT exam must be completed by any applicant who has not completed the coursework that adequately meets the requirements.

• English proficiency: In case the native language of a person is not English, they should demonstrate proficiency by taking either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). In the situation that the applicants have attended a one-year academic course previously that is conducted in English, they can request a TOEFL waiver.

• Résumé: A crisp resume must be submitted by the candidates which must have specific timelines of their education and professional experience.

• Statement of objective and essays: A 90-second video essay, two written essays, as well as an SOP or statement of objectives have to be submitted by the applicants. These must underline why the MIT Sloan Fellows Program is right for them.

• Recommendation letters: There should be two professional Letters of Recommendations (LOR) submitted by candidates. The recommenders subsequently must have a good understanding of the Fellows Program and should mention how the candidate’s experience can benefit their leadership potential and professional development. Additionally, they must be in the position to give first-hand observations about professional knowledge and performance of the candidate.

• Transcripts: Applicants should scan their transcripts from universities where they graduated and upload them as part of their online application.

• Interview: The last step to the application process of MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program would be an in-depth, in-person interview. If shortlisted, MIT will send you an invitation to the interview via email.

Ideally, students are advised to start their preparation for application at least a year or two in advance. This provides them with enough time for preparation and ensuring there are no glitches during the actual process.

A lot of Fellows MBA program alumni describe the program as ‘a life-changing experience’ and we sincerely hope you get there!

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