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Jamboree, the most trusted Institute for GMAT/ GRE/ SAT/ IELTS/ TOEFL Preparation to Admissions counseling since 1995. A look at our student testimonials to find out how they aced the test after taking Jamboree’s classroom training program.


Snigdha Chandha

Snigdha Chadha from New Delhi


A very helpful group of faculty, ready to guide students on the right path, and never hesitant to extend that support beyond the 3 hour class schedules. A very special thanks to my faculty who helped me improve my score through constant support and guidance.

Chaitanya Dhumal

Chaitanya Dhumal from Mumbai


I enrolled at Jamboree for GMAT+TOEFL classes. I feel that I made the best choice because Jamboree is “the best” coaching class in India for GMAT+TOEFL. They made me so comfortable with exam with the help of suitable exam conditions, good faculties and practice tests. I enjoyed most of my time here and learnt a lot from faculties.

Pheba Banerjee

Pheba Banerjee from Kolkata


In a very brief time, Jamboree helped me to get prepared for the TOEFL exam. The classes were interactive and instructive. The staff were friendly and willing to work hard with the students. Career instructions and guidance was also provided. Thank you Jamboree for your help.

Magesh Kannan

Magesh Kannan from Chennai


The coaching at Jamboree Anna Nagar is excellent. Both my Quant and Verbal faculty were very supportive and motivating. The study material provided here helped me a lot during my preparation.The various problem solving techniques taught here helped me save a lot of time in the exam and made me solve problems quickly.

Satya SSP

Satya SSP from Bangalore


Best place for Engineers who find Verbal strenuous, should opt this place where faculty would ease the strain and make ourselves confident enough to face the GRE showdown. And Quant will always tend to amelioration, thanks to faculty. He makes it flawless in the approach of the prep and everything else. In Nutshell, Its great place to have GRE coaching. After my research, I felt it is the best in the options available in Competition.

sai charan

Sai Charan from Hyderabad


The best place to get personal care . Excellent teaching staff, numerous doubt clarifying sessions and even the material which they provided for GRE is worth solving. Limited people per class(4-6) helps the faculty to check each student if they understand the concepts clearly or not. Overall completely satisfied with the coaching i have received form them.

Shashikant Kumbhar

Shashikant Kumbhar from Pune


Excellent staff and great guidance by the entire team at Jamboree pune. All important topics are covered in timely manner. Mock tests were very useful and gave clear indication of your performance in actual GRE exam. Highly recommended for all prospective students!

Rohit Sethi

Rohit Sethi from Ahmedabad


I am really delighted to get guidance under Jamboree. Faculties here are awesome overall, especially the Quant faculty who guided me really well and is blessed with shortcuts and a wonderful skill. Strategies, tips, tricks and methodologies to crack the exam are very precise and accurate apart from that the faculties have really amicable attitude here they will even guide you regarding your university selection and where and when to apply what courses to go for etc.

Disha Arora

Disha Arora from Jaipur


I thank Jamboree for their unconditional support and guidance that helped me prepare for GMAT exam. The Jamboree curriculum is very well designed and the faculty is readily available for doubt clearing. Besides this, they have well designed lab for taking mocks and webinars that ensure that a candidate is fully confident by the time they take the exam. I highly recommend Jamboree.

Vasavi Nirjar

Vasavi Nirjar from Noida


I am quite fortunate to have the splendid team at Jamboree help me out not only for my GRE preparation but also the whole application process. Every faculty member is extremely well versed with the course work and unbelievably helpful. The online and offline material that is provided is more than enough to help achieve the score required to get into your target university. It’s clear that every person here works to help you reach your potential. Truly happy with the institute and thankful too, since half the credit for my score goes to the people working here!


Manika Dhingra

Manika Dhingra from Faridabad


I joined Jamboree for GRE preparation and i can say that it is the perfect choice for that. The faculty of both quants and verbal was excellent and taught everything in a very simplified way. The study material was extremely helpful especially the vocab list which was precise and covered almost all the words which i faced in the actual exam. They were systematic and easy to remember. The online tests were of great help and the level and pattern was just like the actual exam.



samrat allabadi

Samrat Allabadi from Gurgaon


Great staff for GRE. Satisfied…




Prakhar Bhardwaj

Prakhar Bhardwaj from Chandigarh


8 in Ielts! Thanks Jamboree Chandigarh for your efforts and individual attention. Enjoying life at Seneca College Canada. Good IELTS Program.



Aditi Kapoor

Aditi Kapoor from Dehradun


It’s an excellent institution for cracking GRE/TOEFL and gaining confidence !


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