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Last-minute SAT Prep Tips


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After months of preparation, your SAT exam is finally here. To ace this prestigious exam, here are some last-minute SAT prep tips.


In this blog:

1.  Brushing up on basics
2.  Sleep Schedule
3.  Checklist for the exam day
4.  Plan your strategy
5.  Relax

Applying for colleges and preparing for exams all together could be daunting and overwhelming. It is easy to miss out on important things during this frenzy. Read on for a checklist of last-minute SAT prep tips.

Before we begin, a quick look at the SAT structure-

Brushing up on basics

You’ve studied well for your SAT exam, practiced a lot of questions and taken mock tests. It may seem like you still have a lot left to study, but for your last-minute SAT preparation, brush up on your basics. Revise the fundamentals, formulas and basic concepts. Check out common grammatical errors, and revise the basic grammar principles. It is advisable not to pick up something you won’t be able to master in the last few days.

Sleep schedule

Due to a tight study schedule, your sleep cycle might be disrupted and out-of-sync. Just a few days before the exam, you would want to fix your sleep schedule so that you don’t find yourself sleeping in the middle of the exam. Plan your days around the SAT exam slot–study during that time slot so that your mind stays active on the day of the exam. It is also essential that you take proper sleep in the days preceding your SAT exam.

Checklist for the exam day

It’s good to have a checklist of the things to carry on your SAT exam day so that you don’t find yourself in a frenzy the day before your exam. List down all the essentials you are going to need for your SAT exam. Put together the items on the list, and make arrangements for the ones you are missing. Here is a list of some of the things you are going to need for your SAT exam-

  1. Photo ID proof
  2. Calculator
  3. Printout of registration slip
  4. Sharpened pencils (carry extra!)
  5. Pencil Sharpener
  6. Eraser
  7. Test-site directions
  8. Snacks for in-between exam breaks
  9. Bottled water (or a hydrating drink)
  10. Tissues

In addition to this, also check out what ‘not’ to bring to the SAT exam center-

  • Cell phone- Try to leave your cell phone at home or in your car. If you do happen to bring it to the center, it will have to be turned off and submitted with your exam proctor.
  • Electronics- Make sure that you leave your smartwatches, fitness devices and other electronics at home. Carrying unnecessary electronics has the chance of invalidating your SAT exam score.
  • Other stationery- Unless otherwise accommodated for, do not carry unnecessary items such as a ruler, highlighter, etc.
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Plan your strategy

One of the crucial components of last-minute SAT prep is planning and revising your strategy. Time management is essential for acing the SAT exam. While practicing, examine questions for the time spent on different types of questions and check for areas of improvement. Also, check for the efficiency of your planned strategy and see if it needs any changes. But do not make any major changes to your strategy at the last-minute as it may become too confusing for you. Also, read up on essay content and prepare 2-3 good topics that you are confident in.


Preparations for the SAT exam can be a little overwhelming. In the middle of all this, don’t forget to relax! Do things that unwind you, take shorter breaks, go out for walks or short meet-ups with friends; anything that helps you get rid of stress. It is important to appear for your SAT exam with a relaxed mind.

In recent years, the number of students taking the SAT exam has gone up owing to its acceptance by some of the most prestigious universities. If you too are planning your higher education abroad, book a free fifteen-minute session with our counselor and get help with your college applications.

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