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Taking admission in a B-school abroad without getting frisked for a GMAT score sounds odd, doesn’t it? The good news is that you can apply for an MBA in leading universities in the UK without ever having to take the dreaded test – GMAT!

So let’s talk about these too-good-to-be-true MBA programs in the UK that don’t require GMAT scores. Shall we?


1. Why study MBA in UK?
2. Is GMAT required for MBA in the UK?
3. Eligibility for MBA in UK without GMAT
4. Top 10 Universities for MBA in UK without GMAT
5. Who should target universities without GMAT?
6. How to improve your chances of getting into universities offering MBA without GMAT?
7. Top Online MBA Programs without GMAT

Why Study MBA in UK?

Even if we ignore the fact that the UK has a reputation for the best MBA programs and is home to eminent institutions like London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, etc, the country still has more to offer than most other countries.

For starters, the 1-year MBA program with all the benefits of the universal 2-year MBA straight up slashes 1-year worth of out-of-state tuition.

Like that wasn’t a relief enough, the country also offers a Graduate Route visa that allows international students to stay for 2 years after completion of their MBA program with practically zero conditions.

Is GMAT required for MBA in the UK?

GMAT is a requirement for MBA in the UK for some schools, though there are many universities offering MBA in UK without GMAT or have provisioned GMAT scores as test optional.

Eligibility for MBA in UK Without GMAT

If they are not looking for GMAT scores for MBA admissions, what are they even looking at? Are business schools that don’t require GMAT any good?

Well YES, although these reservations are valid, UK universities that do not require GMAT scores have their own set of very elaborate eligibility requirements which are listed below:

1. GPA Minimum of 60% in Bachelor’s degree
2. Test Scores IELTS 6.5 or above
3. Work Experience 2-3 years of work experience
4. Essays 1-2 long essays during application
5. CV
6. Letter of Recommendation 1 LOR and 2 in some cases.

Alternatively, if you don’t meet some of the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, universities like Durham University Business School request a GMAT score in that case. Most of these colleges have rolling admissions which give you a larger window for application and to arrange the required documents.

What are the entry requirements to study an MBA in the UK?

Have you taken the GMAT before?

Top 10 Universities for MBA in UK without GMAT

To make your life a little easier here is the list of the top 10 B-Schools in UK that do not require GMAT scores for MBA programs, their course duration, tuition fees for international students, and ranking based on US News – Best Global Universities in UK 2021 are given below:



Course Duration

Tuition (GBP)

15 Warwick School of Business, University of Warwick 1 year 45,950
19 HULT International Business School 1 year 54,600
23 Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University 1 year 33,000
25 Durham University Business School, Durham University 12-15 months 35,000
30 University of Edinburg 1 year 34,200
33 University of Reading 1 year 20,600
53 Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University 13 months 39,000
66 Middlesex University 1 year 18,360
73 University of Central Lancashire 2 years 13,500
92 Birmingham City Business School 12-21 months 30,450

Who should target universities without GMAT?

When do you plan to enroll and how much time you have is a decisive factor following the question. If you have taken the GMAT, make a list of colleges you can target with your score and profile. If the colleges in your list are not better than the above-mentioned universities, that’s your cue to target b-schools without GMAT as a requirement.

How to improve your chances of getting into universities offering MBA without GMAT?

Such schools usually emphasize a candidate’s holistic application, which includes stressing upon aspects like a sound academic record, work experience and skills, extracurricular, volunteer activities, and international exposure.

Top Online MBA Programs Without GMAT

Online MBA was always in demand but thanks to the pandemic online programs have exploded in popularity and so have the online MBA programs. Many online MBA programs are test optional and do not require applicants to submit GMAT scores.

We love making lists so here is one for the top online MBA programs without GMAT scores as a requirement:


Global QS Ranking

Imperial College Business School 2
Warwick Business School 3
Alliance Manchester Business School 5
Durham University Business School 11
Oxford Brookes Business School 12
Birmingham Business School 13
Aston Business School 26
Robert Gordon University 32
The Open University 34
Bradford School of Management 38

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